How Polite Are You on Rescreatu?

There are many different kinds of players on Rescreatu, with many different ways of going about things. Have you ever wondered if your own way of doing things offends other players? Are you a joy to interact with, or does your demeanor send them into fits of rage?

Well, I designed this test based on the standard behavior that most players find either acceptable or intolerable. So take a seat, answer the questions, and find out what the average hoards think of the way you act!

Created by: Bito
  1. How often do you use proper capitalization, punctuation, and spelling on your blog and in the forums?
  2. Have you ever sent a Respal Request to someone you didn't know?
  3. Have you ever Spammed anyplace on the site? (i.e. posted the same message repeatedly, or put inappropriate comments on your trades or in the Shoutbox, etc)
  4. Have you ever made an unfair trade offer on an item lot or a creatu in the hopes that the owner will accidentally accept it when they go to reject it?
  5. Have you ever made an unfair trade offer on an item lot or a creatu in the hopes that the owner didn't know the real value of what they had?
  6. Have you ever begged for another player to give you something?
  7. Have you ever promised another player an item or creatu and then gone back on your word? (When the other player held up their own part of the bargain?)
  8. Scenario - A new player is posting in the forums, asking everyone to give them tu or valuable items. They say it is because they desperately want to be able to get their dream pet. What do you do?
  9. Scenario - Another player has accidentally put their valuable creatu in the Atqueen Forest. They make a blog about it, and you realize that the creatu you snatched from it earlier that day is the one they're looking for. What do you do?
  10. Have you ever scammed someone?
  11. Have you ever insulted another player, either to their face or behind their back?
  12. Have you ever tried to get another player banned from the site, even though they didn't break any site rules?
  13. Scenario - Another player on the site has a creatu which you desperately want. They aren't interested in selling or trading it, however. Do you...
  14. Scenario - A friend of yours recently got an albino Ebilia from another player as a gift. Do you...
  15. Do you read the text in people's rancher shops and on their profile?
  16. Have you ever asked another player for a creatu which was specifically stated as not being for sale?
  17. Do you think that wealthy players are rude if they don't share their wealth with poorer ones?
  18. Are you starting to feel as though this quiz was specifically designed to attack you and your behavior?
  19. Scenario - After an unfortunate absence from the site, you return only to find that you've just missed the release time for the latest seasonal creatu, and your only chance to find its eggs. What do you do?
  20. Have you ever sent a large amount of worthless items (i.e. Berrok Eggs, 20k Messengers, etc) to someone else's account, in order to spam up their inventory and inbox?
  21. Have you ever threatened to leave Rescreatu?
  22. Have you ever ignored someone who asked you a question, just because you didn't feel like answering it?
  23. Have you ever made a post on the forums or your blog to complain about how much you hate beggars/scammers/drama-queens/etc?
  24. How do you think you'll do on this test?

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Quiz topic: How Polite am I on Rescreatu?