How polite are you when asking for buffs?

We all have to ask for buffs at some point, but there is a right and wrong way to to it! It's not as simple as putting "I need buffs" in the guild chat.

Do you know how to ask politely? Good manners will get you far in the guild, while bad manners might get you ranked scaramouche, or even kicked! Let's see how polite you really are...

Created by: Nione
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  1. If asking for AL and Lib from a guildmate, you would say:
  2. Do you read the person's profile before asking for buffs?
  3. You've asked for buffs, but the person isn't responding. What do you do?
  4. Should you list your buffs in you bio?
  5. When should you NOT ask someone for buffs?
  6. Who has Doubler and Animal Magnetism?
  7. You are 1-hit killing, have a kill streak of over 2,000, and don't usually get attacked in pvp. Which buffs could/should you ask for when hunting?
  8. You have doubler x 3 cast on you, but then a guild member who has doubler x 4 logs in. Should you ask them to buff you?
  9. How many buffs should you ask one person for?
  10. How much stam should you have when asking for buffs, as a general rule?
  11. What's the best way to ask for buffs?

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Quiz topic: How polite am I when asking for buffs?