Which Seattle grace intern are you?

This quiz is for all you Grey's Anatomy buffs. Have you ever wondered where you'd fit in to Seattle Grace and who you would be if there was a re-casting?

This quiz will be able to tell you who you identify with more. Take the test again over some time, you may see yourself changing who you identify with more. I've taken similar tests, and every result seems to be different. Good luck!

Created by: javahousechick
  1. Okay, the first standard question: what is the color you most identify with?
  2. Exam time! What is your study strategy?
  3. What will you catch yourself saying most often?
  4. You're in a fight, what is your strategy?
  5. You are asked out on a date. What is your response?
  6. What is the dark secret from your past?
  7. Your resident is giving you grief. What do you do?
  8. You are given a gift. What are you hoping it will be?
  9. What is one of your daily rituals?
  10. Love: what does it mean to you?
  11. Last question: pick an animal.

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Quiz topic: Which Seattle grace intern am I?