How SEATTLE are you?

I'm sure that you have heard of Seattle. But what makes a person be SEATTLE. How can they embody the great beauty and true intelligence and mastery that comes with being SEATTLE? Seattle is a crazy place full of light and laughter.

Are YOU one of those People who possess the powerful knowledge that allows you to order a decaf double shot, skim milk white chocolate mocha with no whip at 115 degrees exactly? If the answer is YES, you might just be SEATTLE!!!!!! Test your SEA IQ to find out if you are a true Emerald City Lover.

Created by: Futureonbway
  1. Do You Have a Specific Drink that You always Order at Starbucks no matter what the weather is like?
  2. What is the Best way into Seattle?
  3. On What Pier could you find A Seafood restaurant?
  4. At What Theater Could you Attend one of the Big Name Broadway Touring Shows?
  5. If Someone were to mention Sam, what would they be talking about?
  6. The Space Needle is:
  7. Where Does the monorail stop?
  8. You get really tired of telling people that you're from the OTHER Washington
  9. Where do you want to Stay away from if you have money at night?
  10. Where Do you Really live?

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Quiz topic: How SEATTLE am I?