How Seattlite are you?

Seattle is a strange and beautiful place, full of strange and beautiful people. The diversity is obvious, but all true Seattlites have some things in common.

Are you a Seattlite? Do you live on coffee, stress, and seafood? Do you break out the swimsuit when it's 65 degrees? Or do you think Seattle might as well be the North Pole? Find out if you truly belong here or if you're just not quite that crazy.

Created by: Tracy
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  1. How do you like your seafood?
  2. How do you like your coffee?
  3. What's your area code?
  4. Have you been on a ferry?
  5. How many people do you know who work for Boeing?
  6. How many people do you know who work for Microsoft?
  7. What do you wear when it's 60 degrees outside?
  8. How long is your commute?
  9. How many espresso stands do you pass on your way to work?
  10. Rainy days...
  11. The viaduct?
  12. What's "ewa"?

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Quiz topic: How Seattlite am I?