How Southend are you?!

How well do you know Southend? From the Olympics to our burning pier can you decipher the tricks? Do you know the street names, the myths and the facts?!

Are you actually one of the greatest people to walk amongst the ordinary!? Test your knowledge of Southend today and see how awesome you might be.........

Created by: krl103
  1. Southend is famous for....
  2. In what year did Never Never Land close?
  3. You are considered 'posh' if you are from
  4. Tots stands for
  5. Helen Mirren went to
  6. James Bourne (that one off of Busted) went to
  7. Southend/Hadleigh hosted what sport for the Olympics 2012?
  8. Does Southend have a planetarium?
  9. The road that runs through Southend is
  10. If you were on the number 8 bus, you would travel from
  11. The River Thames runs into which sea?
  12. Southend radio frequency is
  13. The Theme Park in Southend is called
  14. Which is the bigger venue?
  15. This road is a notorious spot for ladies of the night
  16. There used to be somewhere a bit like Kids Kingdom in the centre of the High Street..... it was called...
  17. Ocean Beach used to be
  18. Where is there a mannequin sat at the bar?
  19. What is the strip of cafes on Western Esplanade?

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Quiz topic: How Southend am I?!