How Much Do You Know About Britain?

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With this quiz, you'll know everything you need to know about Britain. The land of the good, the seldom, the great! As well as bulldogs, Yorkshire puddings and big red buses! You'll be sub-merged in historical and modern, quirky and thought-provoking facts of fantastic Great Britain! Test your knowledge of the great country!

How much do you know about Britain? Ever heard of Big Ben, fish and chips, the Union Jack? Well here, in this brilliant quiz, you'll discover the truths of a country that will truly cement Britain as great!

Created by: LeahM
  1. Which is the largest city in Britain?
  2. What is the British currency?
  3. Which London landmark was commissioned by Edward I to replicate a Norman cathedral?
  4. Historically, what is Britain defined as religiously?
  5. Which controversial British Prime Minister introduced the tax poll?
  6. What beverage is considered a staple during tea time?
  7. What resident number does the Prime Minister live in, in Downing Street?
  8. What is the traditional English breakfast?
  9. Which breed of dog is commonly associated with Britain?
  10. What is the official residence of the Queen?
  11. Where does Nelson's Column stand proud?
  12. The Great Fire engulfed which city in 1666?
  13. What is the name of the longest river in London?
  14. Which landmark building stores the jewels of the royal family?
  15. The British flag - the Union Jack - consists of how many incorporated flags?
  16. What is the name of the English flag?
  17. Is "Are you having a laugh?" a popular British phrase?
  18. Which of these flowers is worn to commemorate Remembrance Day?
  19. What is the last word of this verse for the English national anthem?: "God saved the..."
  20. What is the capital of England?
  21. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
  22. Which of these types of transportation is the most reconsigned symbol of Great Britain?
  23. The British government is a coalition of which two political parties?
  24. In Britain, what do we call the "sidewalk"?
  25. Who is the current Prime Minister? (2012)

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