Facts of London Quiz 2

Another quiz about the greatest City on earth. There won't be anything too obvious: nothing about Pudding Lane and no questions like "What is the London Eye?". If you get 100% you can print out the result, show it to the box office staff at any London Theatre and receive complimentary tickets to a show of your choice*. (* This is not true.)

With thousands of years of history these quizes could have countless questions. Thankfully, for everyone concerned, there are only 10. Because I have a life. Although I would say that, wouldn't I?

Created by: smax
  1. Behind which London hotel was the video for Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" filmed?
  2. Charles I was executed on a scaffold erected outside the / his Banqueting House in whitehall on 30 January 1649. Opposite is Horse Guards. The clock on the tower has a black dot on it to show the hour at which he was killed. What time?
  3. Who is most commonly associated with the address "Number One, London"?
  4. Handel and Jimi Hendrix were neighbours (give or take 250 years). In which London street?
  5. In the square outside Dr Johnson's house in Gough Square (off The Strand) is a statue of what?
  6. Which King kept a Polar Bear at the Tower of London?
  7. The gallows at Tyburn (junction of Marble arch and Oxford Street) "The Tyburn Tree" could hang how many people at once?
  8. Finish the saying "If lions drink...."
  9. Who, or what, is Great Tom?
  10. Who was Stanley Green?

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