How cracked are you

Legatum Institute's 2014 Prosperity Index reveals Norway as the most prosperous country in the world, while the Central African Republic finishes bottom of the rankings.

However, in an escalation of tensions between London and Berlin, Mrs Merkel has reportedly told Mr Cameron that Germany would rather see Britain leave the EU than allow him to tear up its rules on free movement of labour.

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  1. You are lonely, do you..
  2. you have had no sleep but need to go to a lesson, what should you do
  3. which part of the evolutionary scale do you walk like?
  4. what is facebook designed for
  5. should you throw your disabled siblings down the stairs
  6. how many disorders/illnesses do you think you have?
  7. what is the hospital to you
  8. what is an acceptable level of medication to take each morning
  9. What do you use all your money on
  10. You sustained a minor injury, a 2mm long cut, what is an appropriate course of action?
  11. after multiple application declines, restricting health conditions and an extremely unstable mental state are you under the illusion that you will joined the armed forces
  12. Someone is stood in front of you with a cup of soup. Do you..
  13. There is a teacher within 2 feet of you, and you have a compressed air cannister filled with a legal high, that makes a very loud noise when opened. Do you...
  14. You are at school, You have access to a violent video, the content of which includes terrorists playing football with decapitated heads
  15. A teacher has told you to leave a building and then they have gone to the toilet. What do you do?
  16. Three of your friends have made videos about their PC gaming setup, what do you do?
  17. What is the most racist thing you can do?
  18. Best plan of action?
  19. How many times should you take your theory test before passing?
  20. your friends shout your ex-girlfriend's name at you, what do you do
  21. Should you be him?
  22. You are at a firework display. Do you...
  23. you're on Happy Joker.. do you/ will you/are you....
  24. you've run out of ciggies and have no money
  25. reasonable amount of alcohol to consume
  26. what's most frightening?
  27. a microphone has been stolen, do you
  28. how to you say, "peter I don't fell well"
  29. you are paintballing and people are pissed off at you for running away and are taking this as an opportunity to shoot the sh1t out of you, do you

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Quiz topic: How cracked am I