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Hey, consider yourself a gamer? Time to test youre knowledge with a bit of Video Game Trivia! I'll cover some video game history and you can find out if you're a useless knowledge master or just a pathetic n00b.

In this modern age of internet, some of us have gotten a little too used to leaning on GameFAQs whenever we get stuck with anything... Well in this case you could always use Wikipedia or google to glide gaily through the quiz, but that wouldn't really have much of a purpose would it? To cheat at some random internet quiz?

Created by: DrLilo
  1. What retro game featuring a stretching grappling-hook like arm swinging mechanic, was created by Sonic Team?
  2. In the 1997 JRPG mega-hit Final Fantasy VII, what was the name of Barret's wife?
  3. One of (although not the very) earliest games of all time, featured a two player game of tennis, simulated on an analog oscilloscope. What was its name?
  4. The Legend of Zelda franchise has seen many recurring characters across a plentitude of games, one of which is an owl known as Kaepora Gaebora. My question is, which is the first game he appeared in?
  5. In 1986, legendary British games designers the Oliver Twins released the first in a series of adventure games featuring a cartoon egg wearing boxing gloves. What was the name of that character?
  6. Mario's modern high pitched voice is provided solely by the talent of one Charles Martinet. Before he gave Mario his now traditional "Let's a go!", various American cartoonists were giving awful gravelly Brooklyn accents to the character. My question is, which was the first game to feature Charles Martinet's modern version of the portly plumber's voice style?
  7. Snake Rattle 'n' Roll was an NES title created by which development team?
  8. In last and current gen juggernaut success Halo, "Master Chief"'s full name is:
  9. Here's an easy one. Surely you can name the very first commercial video games console of all time?
  10. Nintendo is famous for its beloved classic game franchises. Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, Starfox etc. One of those franchises is Metroid, with its heroine Samus Aran. My question is... Which Nintendo employee created Metroid?
  11. Super Mario Bros. is the game most remembered for essentially inventing the 2D platformer as we know them today and it can definitely be awarded for its inspired use of the side-scrolling camera... But it was not actually the first platforming game. In fact 1982 saw an Atari 2600 release called Pitfall which featured some excellent platforming for the time. My question is... What was the name of its hero?

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