What type of Democrat are you?

There are many different types of democrats, and this quiz is to figure out which one you are. Are you a liberal democrat, a progressive democrat, a centrist democrat, a conservative democrat, or a libertarian democrat.

Today there are many of all types of democrats. Not everyone agrees with all stances of democrats. By liberal we mean modern or social liberal, which is not synonymous to progressive or classic liberal. Well now its time to figure out what type of democrat you are.

Created by: young_politician
  1. What is your stance on abortion?
  2. Should the Government allow the death penalty?
  3. Should the government remove references of God from currency, buildings, etc.
  4. Do you support the legalization of same-sex marriage
  5. Should the U.S expand offshore drilling?
  6. Should the U.S require the labeling of GMO's
  7. Should the government raise the minimum wage?
  8. No rights to clean air and water.
  9. Should the government make cuts to public spending to reduce the national debt?
  10. Do you support the TPP trade agreement?
  11. Should we privatize social security?
  12. Do you support increased gun control?
  13. An economic disaster happens what do you do?
  14. Are you in favor of decriminalizing drug use?
  15. Do you support affirmative action programs?
  16. Do you support Obama care?
  17. Should the government decrease military spending
  18. Should we have a pathway for citizenship for illegal immigrants
  19. Which potential presidential candidate are you for?
  20. What "size" do you think the government should be?
  21. Which of these ideologies do you agree with the most?
  22. Should the US declare war on ISIL/ISIS

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Quiz topic: What type of Democrat am I?