Republican or Democrat?

Are you a Republican or a Democrat? We will find out today? Are you for lower taxes or same-sex marriage? You will answer questions to figure out what political party your views align with.

If your results comes out as Republican you are conservative overall. If your results come out as Democrat you are a liberal. Find out what you are today.

Created by: Greg
  1. Are you for gun control?
  2. Are you for tighter immigration laws?
  3. Are you for gay marriage?
  4. Are for lower taxes?
  5. Do you support Donald Trump?
  6. Are you for or against building the wall on the border with Mexico?
  7. Do you support Nancy Pelosi?
  8. Are you for or against Obamacare?
  9. What political party did you vote for in your local election?
  10. Who did you or whould have supported in the 2000 election.

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