Are you a Republican or Democrat?

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Today, many Americans have found themselves tangled in a mess of financial, life, and political crises. This test well determine which political party you should register for. When taking the test, please do take it seriously. After all, this test could determine the next President of the United States!

So which one is it? Democrat? Republican? I need to know! Take the test at own risk, some results may not be as inclusive and accurate to the question that it corresponds to.

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  1. How can Americans improve the Welfare system?
  2. Abortion should always be illegal in the United States and federal districts and territories.
  3. There should be no sales tax!
  4. The U.S. Government should be allowed to be involved in every issue, including state's rights and issues.
  5. Homosexual Marriage should be legal in every state.
  6. Illegal Immigrants shouldn't be allowed citizenship in the US. They're just another hassle for our government.
  7. The U.S. Government spends too much money on Big-Wig Corporations
  8. The Federal Government should not even think about adding more amendments to the U.S. Constitution. 27 is enough!
  9. If the United States were to go into a deeper depression worse than the Great Depression, who is to blame?
  10. How can we (a nation as a whole) lower our national debt?
  11. Is the following statement true or false? "I worked my way to the top, so that means you do to!"

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Quiz topic: Am I a Republican or Democrat?