Democrat or Republican (economic)

Americans have disagreed about the government since the start of our country. We have the right to debate and disagree in this country. Where do you stand on the big issues in the economy?

Are YOU a Democrat or a Republican? I'm sure you've heard these words spoken many times at home, on the news, in class, or around town. Now is your chance to see which side you're on.

Created by: Gentry Teacher

  1. Everybody should have the right to make as much money as they can.
  2. The government should make sure people have enough money to live.
  3. The owner of a business should be free to run the business as he or she wants to.
  4. Being paid a fair amount is more important than having freedom to express yourself.
  5. The government should step in to protect workers from harmful working conditions.
  6. The government should be allowed to raise minimum wages even if it means the company will have to fire some workers.
  7. The government should rules about what materials construction companies can use and how to build buildings to prevent fires.
  8. The government should be able to limit a business's freedom to hire children.
  9. The wealthy earned their money and the government should not tax it to spend on programs for the poor.
  10. The owner of a restaurant should have to follow government rules to protect customers' health.

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