Democrat or Republican?

Many people know that the two major political parties in the USA are Democrat and Republican, but may not know which they should affiliate themselves with. Simply enter your opinion on each question, and this quiz will help you determine which you are. If you find yourself compromising on lots of these issues or if your result bars are very close, you may be an independent!

So, which are you? Do you think more like a Democrat or a Republican? Would you always vote Democrat? Or always Republican? Or not necessarily either? You can find out by taking the quiz below.

Created by: fghjk
  1. What is your position on taxes?
  2. What is your position on health care?
  3. What is your position on offshore drilling?
  4. What is your position on abortion?
  5. What is your position on terrorism?
  6. What is your position on homosexual marriages?
  7. What is your position on gun control?
  8. If you had a bumper sticker on your car, what would it be?
  9. In your mind, who did a better job as president?
  10. What would you consider yourself?

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