Should I vote Republican or Democrat?

Do you REALLY know if you are a Democrat or a Republican?? You'd be surprised how what people say and what people believe are sometimes completely different. Go in with an open mind and be completely honest with yourself to get the results!

With mid-term elections getting ready to heat up in 2014, in this economy, it is more important than ever you vote for the candidate that is going to make your life better. With real wage growth down 10% for the middle class since 2000, there is no room for an uninformed decision this year.

Created by: Peter
  1. I would describe my current financial situation as:
  2. How would you describe healthcare affordability for your family and yourself?
  3. US Companies that laid off American workers, outsourced their jobs to developing nations and paid themselves bonuses should get US tax breaks?
  4. Do you think corporations donating huge sums of money to political candidates influences their decision making?
  5. Out of these choices, what is the most important consideration when voting for a candidate?
  6. Do you think that the Affordable Care Act, which uses private sector insurance companies to compete in the open market to lower healthcare costs is a good idea?
  7. If theoretically you lost your job tomorrow, and right after you immediately started searching for a new job, should you be entitled to unemployment insurance?
  8. Should women have a right to make choices about their bodies?
  9. Do you believe we should cut investment in Education and Social Assistance programs before we raise taxes nominally on the wealthy?
  10. I am more concerned with growing my wages, giving my family a good quality of life, having access to high quality and affordable education and healthcare and less concerned with political labels and rhetoric

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