Will you lose your wife because of WOW?

Many husbands have lost their wives to World of Warcraft. This is a common problem and one than can be prevented. This quiz is here to assist you.

Are YOU about to lose your wife to World of Warcraft? Until now you could only wonder. Thanks to this quiz you'll know if you should retain that divorce attorney today!

Created by: Jessica
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  1. Do you play WOW more than 4 times per week?
  2. When you play WOW, do you play more than 3 hours?
  3. Are you a member of a guild?
  4. Are you an officer in the guild?
  5. Do you visit WOW websites during working hours?
  6. Do you have at least one fight per week relating to WOW?
  7. Does your wife talk to other men in your guild?
  8. Does your wife frequently call you things like "ass" when you play WOW?
  9. Has your wife ever threatened to make you choose between her or WOW?
  10. Do you have women in your guild calling you names like "pussycat"?

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Quiz topic: Will I lose my wife because of WOW?