Would you be a good wife

there are so many women out there who think they would be the perfect wife. But most of them don't realize all the responsiblity that come along with it. Most arn't ready for that kind of commitment. So ask your self "what kind of wife wold you be?

Are you the perfect wife? do you have wat it takes to make your man happy? This quiz will help you to see if you would be good wife material or and independant woman... you know you want to find out

Created by: Leann
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  1. If your husband came home late how would you react?
  2. Your husband asks you to cook dinner you say....
  3. you hear from a friend that your husband is cheating on you wat do you do
  4. your husband admits that he slept with another woman what do you do...
  5. What do you do around the house?
  6. A guy asks you out for dinner but just as friends what do you say?
  7. what do you think makes a good wife?
  8. Do you love your husband for the money or for who he is
  9. your not happy but you dnt wanna get a divorce wat do you do
  10. Do you really love your husband?

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