world of warcraft addiction test

Now, the test is about the knowledge of WOW, the more score you get, definitely the cooler you are in the game, you can proud of it or worry about it, up to you to choose

Your final score is to tell you how good you are at knowing about wow, as well as you can see how good you are through this, so have fun. you are uber, i know that

Created by: dreamwalker

  1. what is the first expansion pack name for WOW?
  2. " LF1M to KARA need only dps, we have healers and bear tank, ready to go" what does this means?
  3. who is healing more oftenly? priest or paladin?
  4. In fighting Illidan in black temple, during phase 4 what class should tank him?
  5. what happened when you go to level 10?
  6. what is the number of people recommended to do an old naxxramas raid instance?
  7. what is the mage tier 3 called?
  8. which is the longest fligh patch below?
  9. what level can you go to westfall?
  10. somebody says " I spent my 2000 gold on AH last night to get the set "the twin blades of azzinoth"" what is wrong with this sentence?
  11. what class the horde have only after TBC came out?
  12. how many class are there in the game
  13. uber l33t refers to?
  14. do you understand what do i mean by " ZG, UBRS, VC , DM, BT, TK, IF, SW, TB "?
  15. what level you can use flying mount?
  16. what do you call a paladin for short?
  17. what is the new continent appear in WOTLK?
  18. what is Azeroth in wow?

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