Are you a World of Warcraft addict?

Are you a World of Warcraft junkie? Do you actually revolve your life around your guild's raid schedule? Do you have open tickets with GMs? Are you anxiously awaiting the patch?

This quiz will help you to realize your fate. Are you doomed to the world of Azeroth forever? Or are you still a contributing member of the human race?

What is your age?
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What is your gender?
Can you proudly state that you are exalted with the Hydraxian Waterlords?
No, but some of my guildees are
We haven't even done MC yet
We haven't even done SM yet
LOL my guild's been doing Naxx since the patch. Noob.
I wouldn't say I'm proud of it
WTF are you talking about? And WTF does WTF mean?
Have you actually lost friends or worse, a significant other, since starting to play WOW?
Pfft. I have plenty of friends in my guild. And there is once that sounds really cute on vent.
one or two, but it has nothing to do my time on the game.
I never had friends to begin with. I was too busy playing Everquest.
Of course not. What am I, a freak?
What does WOW mean?
How many toons do you have?
I have about 20, on various servers, alliance and horde, but most are low level. I only have a few 60s.
I have one epiced out 60 I've been playing since day one.
I have my main, and a few alts that I play when we aren't raiding, or to make money.
I just started recently, and have one level 45.
What does "KEK" mean?
No idea. But alliance is yelling it all the time.
Duh, it means LOL in alliance speak.
Did you take this quiz because the server is down and you had nothing else to do?
Um..yeah you caught me.
No, like I said, I have toons on many servers. I would have just gone to another.
What's a server? And what is he down with?
I just spend 4 hours farming. I needed a break.
Do you feel locks are overpowered? And hope they get nerfed with the patch?
I am a lock, and yes, I am overpowered. But I like it that way.
Back in Beta stages, locks used to wear leather and could banish other players. Now THAT's overpowered.
I don't know. I play a druid.
OMG I HATE locks. All they do is dot and fear.
Nerfed? Why would I hit them with a soft football?
What does it mean to "pull a leroy?"
Well, in the literal sense, it would be going to UBRS and breaking every freaking egg in the place, wiping the raid.
LOL people say that all the time when someone screws up and wipes us, but I don't know why.
In the literal sense, it would be a rogue sneaking up on someone and stunlocking them while they are trying to kill an npc.
Ew. I don't want to pull anyone.
Have you actually watched movies of other guilds downing a boss so that you could understand the strategy and work on it with your guild?
Duh, how else would we know how to kill Cthun?
Duh, I can figure it out myself thank you.
Why would I need a movie to show me how to kill Arugal?
No, but my guildees do. I just do what they tell me in vent.
I have no idea what you are talking about.
Have you ever just logged out after attempting a quest solo several times and being continually ganked by a stealth rogue?
I don't get ganked. My gear is too uber.
I don't quest. I am purely pvp.
OMG yes!
No, I just called out some guildees to help me kill him and camp him a few times until he left.
What is a rogue?
Are you saving up money now for the patch so you can get an epic flying mount?
Nah, the winged rider is fine with me.
I already had it saved a year ago.
I wish I could save it, but I spend all my money on Nature Protection Pots for Naxx and AQ.
I don't look that far ahead.
Oooh, flying mounts, that sounds cool.
Have you spent hours camping the same spot in Silithus waiting for one black lotus to spawn?
I am not an herbalist.
I am not an herbalist, but my alt is, and yes I have.
Once or twice, I'll admit it.
No. Noob.
OMG yes!
How many hours of WOW total have you played?
I couldn't add it up, I have so many toons.
I've never hit /played to find out.
Ooh, you can hit /played to find out?
You can hit /played only if you have the mod.
None. Why am I taking this quiz?
How many of the following have you actually typed? OMG LOL LMAO ROFL LMFAO WTF WTB WTS LFM LFG K E K IMO IMHO IRL noob pwnd owned leet uber PVP PVE GM ...
All of them. It's faster than typing it all out.
All of them, and I have a few of my own I hope catch on... are a freak.
A few at times.
Have you actually stated something like, "I can't go out tonight. My guild is running MC and they'll be mad if I don't go."
Every Friday night.
Ok, I've done it a few times.
MC? Noob. We run Naxx.
I don't really raid, I'm more casual.
Do you go to the barrens just to listen to the chat?
I am alliance.
Well, I don't just listen. I contribute.
I am still questing in the barrens. I am only level 13.
No. I have better things to do.
Were you mad at South Park for their portrayal of the game?
LMAO! That was the funniest thing I have ever seen!
Mad? I'm on way too many anti depressants to have any emotions.
What I am mad about is how ridiculous it was that a pally was wearing plate. And you can't level up to 60 by killing boars. WTF.
I watched it, I just didn't get it.
The Sword of a Thousand Truths...will that be available in the patch?
Have you had a decreased sex drive in the last year or so?
Sex? I have it between quests.
I have two computers so I can watch p--- at the same time.
I never really had a sex drive. I was too busy playing Everquest.
I am 13...
Are you planning on posting this quiz on your guild's page?
I am not in a guild.
My guild doesn't have a page, we aren't that leet.
No. It sucks. I'm gonna go make my own.
Hell yah I am!

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