Ultimate World of Warcraft Lore Quiz

There are many World of Warcraft quizzes out there that a three year old could complete. This one is a little harder. The questions asked will cause most people to go 'Uhhhh' and type in the address for a WoW knowledge base.

So how good is your World of Warcraft knowledge? Probably not this good, in fact, I know it will not be this good. In fact, if it IS this good, then you are a very odd person indeed. Prove me wrong.

Created by: Winters of SAS Labs
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  1. Which being created the Demon Soul?
  2. Which Warlock is considered to be the most powerful, mortal Warlock to have ever existed?
  3. Before his transformation into the Lich King by Kil'jaeden, Ner'zhul was a powerful..
  4. What is the racial name of the Night Elf race?
  5. King Menethil is more commonly referred to as..
  6. How many races are derived from the Kaldorei?
  7. The Aesir and Vanir belong to which species?
  8. The 'Curse of Flesh' produced many of the mortal races from the Seed races. Which Seed race produced the human race?
  9. Who is the leader of the Dragon Aspects?
  10. Where does Death Wing, the Black Dragon Aspect, currently reside?
  11. What relationship does Ragnaros the Firelord have with the Old Gods?
  12. Which being is thought to have caused the Nightmare within the Emerald Dream?
  13. Galakrond, the progenitor of Dragonkind, was the male portion used by the Titans to create the Dragon Aspects. Who was the female?

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