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The World of Warcraft is an MMoRPG from Blizzard Entertainment, where you choose one of many races, level up and adventure through a fantastic fantasy world, experiencing an epic storyline, incredible graphics and amazing gameplay.

Think you know the game? Think again. Have a crack at this WoW general knowledge quiz and see how you fare. Some questions are easy, some are very hard, but I am sure you will enjoy it!

Created by: Clarke Baldwin
  1. Name the Night Elf starter zone.
  2. Which item is given to aid you in the quest "Test at Sea"?
  3. What is the name of Haris Pilton's 22 slot bag?
  4. Which boss drops the "Cloak of the Fallen Cardinal"?
  5. Medivh will engage in a game of wits and cunning with you during a special event within the tower of Karazhan. What game does he play with you?
  6. Where can you find Innkeeper Bates?
  7. Which of these is not a playable race in the World of Warcraft?
  8. Which Death Knight ability inflicts "Frost Fever" on the unsuspecting target?
  9. What is the name of Highlord Alexandros Mograine's oldest son?
  10. When were Battlegrounds introduced into the World of Warcraft?
  11. The Darkmoon Card: Death, increases your critical strike rating. It also has a second effect, what is it?
  12. What monster type is King Mukla?
  13. What is Illidan Stormrage's last line of dialogue before he launches into combat with you, on top of the Black Temple?
  14. Which unique item was awarded on World of Warcraft's 4th Anniversary?
  15. Talking of the Battered Hilt, this item rewards players with a variation of the Quel'Sera...
  16. Walking out of the Orc and Troll starter zone, the Valley of Trials, you will pass a Troll encampment called...
  17. Which of these is not a key location name in the World of Warcraft?
  18. A Mage gains an extremely potent ability at level 20, which allows them to pop forwards a few feet. You know its name, but what is the mana cost of using Blink?
  19. How many killable bosses are there in Ulduar, TOTAL? I mean ALL of them.
  20. William has stolen a dolly and is running about Stormwind, teasing its owner. What is this poor girl's name, destined to run through Stormwind forever chasing her beloved toy?

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