Which World of Warcraft race matches your personality?

Find out which of the ten races of World of Warcraft would fit best with your personality! Each of the eligible races of World of Warcraft is different and advocates a different history, personality and point of view.

With this test you may find out which of those ten races would suit your own personality best. This test is a lot of fun and also tells makes the game more realistic if you choose a character that fits.

Created by: Denise Busch of Aggro-Arts
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  1. What do you like best?
  2. What is your greatest ambition?
  3. Do you often start quarrels?
  4. Do you want to have children?
  5. How does your nose look like?
  6. Where would you rather like to live?
  7. Which could be your motto?
  8. Which kind of music do you like best?
  9. Someone insults you badly, what do you do?
  10. If you could change your body, would you?
  11. Your favorite drink?
  12. How does your room look like?
  13. Do you work out?
  14. What about the food you like?
  15. Do you like tattoos?
  16. What is your main mood?

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Quiz topic: Which World of Warcraft race matches my personality?