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  • An Inventive Gnome

    Being underestimated by the people around you you decided that it would be best for you to stick with your own point of view and do whatever you like. That is why you are a creative and clever and don't resist to take your chance when it is offered to you. But maybe you shouldn't always block yourself out from the others and hear what they have to say to you. You know, sometimes they are right about what you could do better. Use the world and people around you as source of inspiration and keep your positive image of yourself!

  • A Spiritual Draenei

    You know your flaws which makes you forgive the flaws other people have. You are a deeply spiritual being with a warm personality but it is hard for you to really trust another person as you know that you can't know what they really think about you. Stop to think about the bad things they could think about you. They more likely will notice your warm and helping personality than to fixate on your flaws as well as you will concentrate on their personalities good aspects.

  • Your Result: A Kind Human 86%

    You are kindhearted and want to make the best of the time that is given to you. Just like everybody else. You are mediocre and you know it. But that is not a bad thing if you are willing to archive better than mediocre once in a while. You have the power to change things and you should do the best you can. Always. Do not stick with a vile "can' complain". Do the best.

    78% An Inventive Gnome
    66% A Proud Orc
    62% A Gregarious Dwarf
    62% A Spiritual Draenei
    49% A Stoic Tauren
    46% A Gorgeous Bloodelf
    28% A Wild Troll
    27% A Wise Nightelf
    26% A Clever Undead.


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