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  • There are many major mistakes within this quiz. First though, i must point out that you actually did get on the sub-races of the Kaldorei, but with legion, there are 6 sub-races instead of 5. Idk if this wuiz was before cata or anything. 1 of the biggest mistakes about this quiz is that Deathwing is dead in deepholme and even before then he's been in deepholme or around the world burning zones, never in grim batol. The other major mistake is about the nightmare and the Emerald dream. That was from N'zoth influence, irdk dont know if Hakkar had any influence on that but it was N'zoth who created the nightmare and the satyrs. The last major mistake is with Rag and him being an old god. Either you guys have a very uneducated person making this quiz or the person was trying to be funny but Ragnaros is clearly not an old god and he's the lord of fire. Lastly, the king menethil question... Either put Arthas's name in there or change the answer to his father because that question is so unclear as to wo it's asking about.

  • I am a rogue lol.. Though I studied the lore quite thoroughly, I also use drugs and have a bad memory. The warlock one was kind of tricky. I wanted to say Ner'zhul, but then I remember he was originally, a shaman so I picked Guldan instead.

    A couple of them I just didn't know. I'm almost positive Ysera is the leader of the dragon aspects though.

  • a few of the questios in this quiz are wrong first off deathwing was never in grim batol he was in deepholm from there he watched his mate that was in grim batol and lore wise he is now dead secondly ragnaros was never an old god he was a servant of the old gods also the lich king was never reffered to as King Menethil his father was he never became the king after he killed his father(and pretty much everyone else) in Lordaeron fact checking helps when making a quiz

  • If you picked 'Gul'dan' for the most powerful warlock, you are correct. The quiz would not let me fix the mistake.


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