Which Clan Do You Belong In?

This quiz is all about -you guessed it- the Warrior Clans. Particularly, the Warrior Clan that you belong in. Are you Riverclan? Thunderclan? Windclan? Or Shadowclan? This quiz is here to help you find out!

I created this quiz because I am an ultimate fan. I know a lot about the 4 Clans: their territories, preferred prey, battle strategies, and so on. This quiz may not be 100% accurate, but please remember, it's just for fun!

Created by: sandstorm68
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  1. If you were attacking an enemy, which strategy would you use?
  2. Which prey would you rather eat?
  3. What would be your favorite pastime?
  4. Where would you rather live?
  5. Which predator would you normally encounter?
  6. Are you...
  7. Where is your favorite place to have a sunhigh nap?
  8. What colors are your pelt?
  9. When is your favorite time to go hunting?
  10. Which Clan do you think is the most honorable?

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Quiz topic: Which Clan do I Belong In?