NARUTO: To where Clan should you belong?

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Oh yes... In Naruto, Clans existed ever since.. Some are still around but some are long gone and perished.. But there is one thing special about the clans ... Yes.. Their bloodline.. A Clan has a secret technique that only their members can do..

Ever wonder what could be your bloodline? You want to know for sure ... Will it be the clan of the strong? smart? ... Anyway .. All clan are special .. But few are dominant because of their very strong ability .. Take this quiz now to find out where should you belong....

Created by: Crizara
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick the first element.
  2. Now pick the second element.(Do not choose the same element that you chose on the first question.)
  3. You encountered an enemy. What will you do?
  4. What activity will you prefer?
  5. Which of these Akatsuki members do you hate?(Dream match)
  6. What is your dream kekkai?
  7. You are likely to....
  8. Gaara is....
  9. You consider Naruto as...
  10. Choose an enemy....
  11. Last question... Naruto's mom has five children called Munata,Manate,Menati,Minato _________ who is the fifth?

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Quiz topic: NARUTO: To where Clan should I belong?