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This is, well, about Faeries. Extremelly hot and sexy fae, but still Faeries. I hope you like this... I am doing part 2 and stuff so, be patient and keep smiling!

The spin-off-slash-second parts are based on the characters... There will be lots of parts, In each there miht be a focus on a specific guy. E.G- Part 2 might hava a lot to do with Drake and such.

Created by: Twistygirl
  1. The town of Mirablue, picture-perfect. This is your new home. You are Adelle. With your short, choppy blonde hair and grey eyes, you're Beautiful and you know it. Your Mum has dragged you to Mirablue to start a new life with her Fiancee' Harold (Blagh). You hate to leave San Fransisco, why couldn't you stay with your sister? A new school and a new life, your old life was fine!! (have you got it??)
  2. Mirablue Grammar College, small and expensive, luckily 'Harold' is rich and can afford it, you hate him, and have good reason. He's a Perv! Anyway, you look at the school, its small and made up of big chunky rock. Really pretty. You pickup your schedule and studdy it, and the map. No way are you looking like a loser! "Hey" a MALE voice says...
  3. You turn and there's a tall guy behind you. He has the look of a surfer, sun-dyed hair and blue eyes. Muscular Tan skin. No Doubt, he's hot!! "Um, Hi... I'm Adelle" You stumble, "I know, I'm Blaine" He answers. He seems to glow and throw out warmth. You just want to pull him close and steal some of that heat...
  4. Classes wizz by and before you know it, its lunchtime. Blaine has taken to walking you to classes, throwing bits of info all the time. He takes you to the cafetieria and shows you where NOT to sit and shows you the only place ok to sit is on his table, with 3 other guys and another girl. The girl is Georgia, and she is short with auburn hair and blue eyes. The other guys are Drake, Luka and Aster. Luka is average hieght and has tousled brown hair and chocolatey brown eyes. Drake is a little shorter than you, he has strawberry-blonde spikey hair and hazel eyes. Aster has floppy black hair and icy blue eyes, and a totally hot chizeled jaw. Who do you like now??
  5. After school you don't want to go home. Not to Harold and your Mum kissing and your brother talking about how many imes he 'scored' today. Luckily Drake drives up in a 7-seater with Luka, Blaine, Georgia and Aster in the back and offers to drive you home... "Not home" You say, "Our house then" He says, he agrees and you climb in the back aswell. Somehow youre in the middle, between Aster and Luka and you can't help but sneak a peak at them. They're both looking at you, in a like, lovey way! You smile and gigglelike an idiot, you can help it, they're both so hot!! Their house is HUGE!! Made like a massive log cabin!
  6. Inside you go to the bathroom and you hear your name... "We can't tell Adelle, its freaky!" "We have to keep her safe" "No telling, not yet!" You walk out and the talking stops. You've always been curious and now, even more so. "What can't I know, what's freaky??" You ask, and everyones silent. "Fine, I'm going!" "No, Adelle... wait!" Aster calls, "We'll tell you...
  7. "This is going to sound crazy... But, we're Fae" "Like Faeires?? You're crazy!!" "No, Adelle... You're one too! I mean, we don't know what season you represent yet, all we know is that you're powerful and the Ja'mach (Jamak) want YOU. So you can't leave" "Ja'Mach??" "The ancient enemy of all Fae. They are super strong and..." "They want me?"
  8. You never go home, and never go to school. You spend all day with the boys and Georgia, training and learning.
  9. The night comes and you have a nightmare, the Ja'mach are chasing you. You wake-up with tears on your cheeks. You go to the next room, and it's Luka's. "Luka?" You ask, "are you up?" "I am now" "I had a nightmare." "Wanna sleep in here??" "Uhkay" you crawl into the bed next to him and he wraps his arm around you you sleep peacefullythat night...
  10. The next morning you awake in your own room. Luka had moved you so that the others didn't know. You go down stairs...Then you are grabbed and pulled into the closet. It's a Ja'mach, here to take you away...
  11. Will you comment and vote??
  12. Will you do part 2??

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