Forever and Always part 2

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Ok, this is the second part of the Forever and always series. I tried hard and I'm really sorry it took so long!! Theres a new boy :) and more romance... And picture results... you can see what they look like to me!!

At the end of the last one... The next morning you awake in your own room. Luka had moved you so that the others didn't know. You go down stairs...Then you are grabbed and pulled into the closet. It's a Ja'mach, here to take you away... so, you know what happened

Created by: Twistygirl

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  2. You scream and kick out. There's a dull thud and the one holding you squeezes harder. You cry out in pain and scream while tears fall down your cheeks. You're writhing and kicking trying to hit them again. You get a clear look at one, and... it has the same eyes as Aster...
  3. It can't be him, you don't believe it! The door of the cupboard starts to open. Its Drake... He yells out to the others and punches the Ja'mach holding you in the face, its arms slacken and you pull out, kicking it in the face til it falls down. Drake has taken care of the rest of them and you notice he has no top on. HE HAS ABS!! You collapes onto him and he carries you into his room. The other Boys are dragging the Ja'mach into the basement.
  4. Drake is holding you in his bed, you toss and turn, thinking of the Ja'mach. The other Boys walk in and Drake pulls away. "The Ja'mach are locked away" Blaine says. He looks at you and grins. You turn to Aster and he's looking right at you, with those eyes...
  5. You sleep for a little and then go downstairs. Luka is the only one there. He hugs you and then you cuddle on the couch. "Wheres everyone else?" You ask. "They went shopping," Luka kisses you softly, then you lean upwards and kiss him harder. Then you hear a car and move over to the other armchair. Blaine comes in and sits next to you, holding your hand, being really protective.
  6. The next day you're making lunch and you hear a knock at the door. Warily you look for who it is, and its not a Ja'mach (They all have blue skin and red hair,) Its a boy, hes shivering and he's NAKED!! Covered only by dirt and leaves. You let him in and lead him to the bathroom,running him a hot shower, you leave him there and grab clothes from the spare room and a towel. With your eyes shut you hand him the clothes and he mutters a "thankyou". You notice his appearence, brown short hair, hazel eyes. He has pants on so you can look properly now, he's the same height as you and so skinny but muscular.
  7. He tells you (in his raspy voice... hot) that his names Wesley and he's 19. 2 years older than you. Nothing more... Suddenly Aster barges in and grabs Wesley. "What are you doing here!!" He yells. "Stop, Aster" You put your hand on his arm and he loosens his grip. "What is the meaning of this?" Blaine asks, instantly exploding light from within himself. "Tone down the powers bro, Babe... explain" Luka says and Blaine dims. Luka turns to you. "This is Wesley, he was freezing and I let him in, he's not a Ja'mach!"
  8. Everyone's pretty pissed at you. So when you go to sleep you're suprised to see Blaine come in. "What?" You're tired and feel sick. "You ok??" He asks, "No, I feel wierd" "Ohh Crap"
  9. "What Blaine? What" You're desperate to find out whats happened...
  10. Blaine starts "Ok, it's just, because you're a fairy, being sick means that...
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