Love is forever part 2

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Hello everybody thanks for all the nice comments on part 1. I hope you all like part 2. I tried to make it longer and with more detail. If there are any spelling mistakes I am sorry I did a lot of this at night when I was tired

A shout out to my cousin Snow W0lf101 she gave me some help on deciding on some of the names and she is the one that came up with fudgesicles :) :) :)

Created by: sundaisy
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  1. Recap: 4 guys came in your house you tried to get away but you blacked out
  2. You wake up on a queen size bed. you look around the room you're in. there are 4 doors one leads to a balcony the other to a bathroom and the other one is to a walk in closet the last door leads to a hallway, there is also a fireplace, a bookshelf is next to it, and two stuffed armchairs facing the fireplace with a side table between them. The room is the color of your choice
  3. You hear voices outside the room you portend your still sleeping the door to the hallway opens and two guys walk in “shouldn't she be up by now?” one of them says in a whisper “I don't know” the other whispers. Another guy comes in “she should wake up soon, I want someone to stay with her” he says “why?” one of the other guys ask “I don't want her to do something crazy when she wakes up” he replies you can feel them staring at you
  4. Two of them leave the room the one that stayed walks across the room and sits down on a chair. You continue to portend your sleeping. After a few minutes he is still there and you start to thank about getting up when someone downstairs says something you don't know what but the guy leaves the room closing the door behind him
  5. You wait until you can't hear his footsteps any more than you get up and go to the door to the hallway you try to open it but it's locked. You try the door to the balcony and it opens. You go out onto the balcony, your 3 stories up and the view is amazing there is a pond and a forest behind it, you see a tree that is next to the balcony you climb onto it
  6. you climb down the tree, you see that the forest is not too far away you run into it than slow down to a walk after you take 3 steps one of the guys yells “SHE'S GONE!!!” you look at the mansion and see all four guys leave it *ok they know I am gone but they don't know I am in the forest* you thank. green eyes says something and they run to the forest where you are at “fudgesicles” you mumble to yourself. You run as fast as you can, heading to the heart of the forest. The path is getting more and more overgrown and the trees are growing closer together. You slow down trying not to trip on any of the rooks and logs scattering the forest floor. You look over your shoulder to see if they are close than you trip over a log and roll down a hill. When you get to the bottom of the hill you hit a rock and blackout
  7. You wake up in that room again but this time it's not empty. The guy with black hair and dark brown eyes is sitting on the far corner of the bed staring out the window he seems to be lost in thought. You sit up and it feels like someone hit your head with a sledgehammer, the guy looks at you and gets up and walks over to you “take it easy you hit your head pretty hard” he says “who are you? What do you want?” you ask “my name is Derek and we will explain after dinner, I will leave so you can clean up I will be back in an hour to take you to the dining room” he says and leaves the room. You hear the click of the door being locked. You go to the door of the balcony and try to open it but it's locked. Since you can't get out you decide to have dinner with these guys and find out what's going on. You take a shower than go to the closet and it's full of your type of clothes. You put on whatever you want. Derek still isn't here so you get a book
  8. Your reading whatever book you picked when tears a knock on the door and Derek comes in. “are you ready” he ask “yes” you say putting your book down. You follow him downstairs and into the dining room. The guys are sitting at the table talking but stop when they see you. Derek sits down and you sit in the only spot left which is next to the guy with reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. “Who are you? Where am I? And why am I here?” you ask “we will explain after dinner” green eyes tells you. You're really hungry the last time you ate was last night so you stay silent as you all put food on your plates
  9. After you're all done eating you wait for someone to start explaining but nobody says anything. You decide to break the silence “can someone please tell me what's going on” everybody looks at you but green eyes is the one to reply “my name is Brandon that's Justin (Blond hair and blue eyes) and Ethan (reddish brown hair and hazel eyes) I believe you already know Derek and you are here so we can protect you” “what do you mean?” you ask “a guy named Harth is after you” you look at him shocked “why would someone be after me?” “We don't know yet” you open your mouth to ask something else but Justin interrupts you “it's late we should get some sleep. _______ I will walk you to your room
  10. He walks you to your room in silence. When you get to your room he opens the door for you. He leans against the doorway “you're not going to run away again are you” “no” you say walking pass him “ok good night” he says as he leaves closing the door behind him. You change into some Pajamas and go to bed
  11. You're in a meadow, a forest is surrounding it, the grass coms up to your knees, wild floweras are everywhere, you hear the gentle flow of a stream nearby, the sun is shining in the blue sky not a cloud in sight, birds are singing, the wind blows gently making the leafs on the trees dance, everything seems to be in slow motion. You hear someone calling you. You turn around and see someone you never seen before. She has long light blond hair and light sparkling blue eyes. she is wearing a long white dress. You walk to her “who are you?” she smiles at you “I am Cassandra lighla and I have brought you here for I must speak to you” “why do you need to speak to me?” “You are heading down a hard and dangerous path and sometimes people lie and don't tell the whole truth but remember that sometimes it is done to protect others and remember that everybody deserves another chance but be warned for BANG!!! Your eyes fly open as you sit up in your bed. You look at the clock on the bedside table it's 7:12. You go downstairs to see what woke you up. You go into the kitchen and see CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!
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