Love is forever part 1

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This is my first quiz it’s a love story for GIRLS ONLY I have nothing else to say I don’t think anybody reads any of this anyways kittens are cute vary cute

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Created by: sundaisy

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  1. This is my first quiz so please be nice
  2. This quiz is just for girls so if you’re a boy leave
  3. Your 17 and this _______ means you ok let’s get started
  4. You wake up and get dress brush your hair teeth etc. you go to school you learn and then school is over. It’s such a nice day you decide to walk home
  5. You get home your dad is on a business trip so you’re alone. You heat up some leftovers than you go to bed
  6. You’re halfway asleep when you hear voices you sit up but before you can do anything your door opens. And there stands a guy he has black hair that covers one of his dark brown eyes
  7. He looks at you than Shouts “I found her” you hear running footsteps as he walks to you. You get off your bed and backup until your against the wall than three other guys come in. one is tall has blond hair and blue eyes the other has dark brown hair and green eyes and the other has reddish brown hair and hazel eyes
  8. The one with dark brown eyes comes up to you and says “you have to come with us” you stare at him in shock and fear. blondy looks out the window and says “they’re coming” “you have to come with us” dark brown eyes repeats this time he grabs your hand you say “no” and struggle trying to get away from them “we don’t have time for this” blondy says looking away from the window. You feel a pinch on your neck and then nothing
  9. I know it’s not very good I will try to make the next one better and my writing is not the best but I am trying
  10. And please comment and/or rate

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