Giving Love A Shot Part 5

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Hey! This is part 5 of Giving Love A Shot! READ THE RESULTS! It has the question for my contest. If more than one person gets the answer I'll judge by the why (when you read the results you'll know what I'm talking about).

So if you win the contest, I'll announce it in part 6 and add you in part 7! Good luck and I hope you love my quiz! I'm sorry that this part took so long, but I got writer's block. Also the necklace didn't show up in the last part so here it is!

Created by: Teresa22

  1. I waited for a minute. Then I almost had a heart attack when I heard his annyoed and confused voice reply -What? Gosh _______ there's no reason to scream at me! I almost choked!-. I checked my phone and saw that it's quarter past eight. -Benjamin Victor Reed! We have been looking for you three for fifteen minutes! Where the hell are you?!- I felt like a mother nagging a child, I rarely ever used his middle or last name while talking to him. -Yeesh ______, we finished shopping and we got hungry. So we're having a late dinner, gosh calm down-. I slapped my forehead and told him -Just stay there until we get there. You three are in a lot of trouble mister-. He laughed in my head and said -Yes ma'am-. I reported to Lucy and Claire. "Of course they would be near the food" Claire said. "We should have known better" Lucy added. "Well they'll probabaly finish eating and get bored waiting eventually. Let's go" I decided.
  2. So we found them in the food court, which was completely empty except for them and the pizza place cashier. We each walked in back of one of them and smacked the back of their heads. We didn't hurt them, it was like on NCIS when Dinozzo is stupid and Gibbs slaps him (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, look up NCIS). We planned before we got there who would slap who and we each had a reason to. I slapped Alex because he annoys me and Claire didn't want to, I could tell that they had a small thing going on. Lucy smacked Kyle because she likes Ben and she has been family friends with Kyle for a long time so he would get over it faster. Then Claire hit Ben, she didn't have a reason other than she didn't want to hit Alex.
  3. "What the hell was that for?!" Alex asked. "For scaring us you jerks!" Claire exclaimed. Lucy, Claire, and I just stood there yelling at them for about ten minutes, while the pizza guy just stood there looking confused then left. When we were done yelling at them I realized that I was really tired. "Can we just get to Daughtry?" I asked them yawning. "Yeah. It's almost eight-thirty. Let's go." Ben agreed. Claire, Lucy, and I got up to leave, but the guys stayed back for a minute. "Um, aren't you coming?" Lucy asked. "Yeah, we just forgot to get something. We'll meet you at the car." Kyle said. I could tell they were trying to keep a secret, I decided it probably wasn't a big deal "Fine, but if you take longer than five minutes, we're leaving without you" I warned them. "We'll make it there with time to spare" Alex promised. I nodded than walked away with Claire and Lucy. "Did either of you get the feeling that they were hiding something?" I asked them in a whisper. Claire closed her eyes for a second and said "It's nothing bad. I mostly see things that are bad. That's probably why I couldn't find them earlier". I nodded then asked Lucy "So when's the dance gonna be?". She thought for a second then replied "I can have grandma set it up for two days from now. Do you think Ben will ask me?". I looked at Claire and she shook her head. I didn't want to hurt Lucy's feeling so I simply said "It's a possibility. I don't think the guys will really be into having a dance". She thought about it for a second then shrugged and said "Yeah I guess".
  4. We got to the car and turned on the radio. The song Someone Like You by Adele had just started when we turned the radio on. Since the guys weren't there we all sang along. The song ended and I commented "It's a good thing we got dresses for our dance right?". "I know right! It's great that there was still a ton of good dresses left from homecoming" Claire added. "The guys have two minutes or we're leaving" Lucy declared. Just then they walked toward the car. They dumped whatever they got in the trunk and got in the car. We sat in the same seats.
  5. "So what did you guys need that was so important?" Claire asked. "That's for us to know and you to find out love" Alex responded. -They're so cute together- I thought. -Yeah, they are pretty good together- Ben replied. -I sound like Claire. You know, playing matchmaker-. -You do kind of sound like Claire. Only you sound better.- he said back. I blushed. A few minutes later Lucy said "Take a left turn here and. . . we're here!". The house was. . . nice? Sure it wasn't a mansion, but it was. . . comfortable. It was a simple ranch house, but it was big. It was a rectangle with a covered porch. That was pretty much it. "Come on don't be shy" Lucy reassured us as we saw the house and jumped out of the car. "I'll get the stuff and meet you in there" Kyle told us. "Oh, thanks Kyle" I said and smiled. He smiled back and we headed toward the door. Lucy opened the door and shouted "Grandma, I'm back and I brought friends". Suddenly, the air in front of us on the couch shimmered. Where what used to be an empty brown couch, was now a brown couch with an old lady sitting on it holding a small, gray kitten. "Hello dear." the old lady responded to Lucy and gave a warm smile. -This must be Violet- I thought. -You thought correctly- Ben answered me. "Well this is Claire, _______, Alex, Ben, and Kyle is over getting stuff out of the car." Lucy informed Violet. "It's a pleasure to meet you" Violet told us. We all said 'yes' and 'nice to meet you too'. "Awww" I said looking at the kitten "who's this?". "This is Mr. Cuddlepants." Violet announced holding him up. He had adorable yellow-green eyes. Violet had long gray hair that was tied up in a neat bun, she was very thin, and she dress fancy as if she was going somewhere. I think all elderly people dress like that, fancy even if they have nowhere to go.
  6. "He's adorable" I said smiling. "So, is it okay if we have a dance here, in maybe like two days?" Lucy asked her grandmother. "Of course! I can get it ready by then" she aproved. "Thanks so much Grandma!" Lucy exclaimed and hugged Violet. "It's really no big deal." Violet assured her then added "Well, I'm going to go open the bedroom window for Kyle". She got up, handed me the cat, walked down a hallway, in a room, and then came back. "Um, may I ask why did you do that?" Claire said a little akwardly. "So that Kyle could put the stuff in the house without having to come in, then go back out. I can see you did quite a lot of shopping" she commented. "Makes sense" Claire responded. Lucy gave us a short tour of the house and then we all sat in the living room. Kyle walked in and said "You girls, shop wayyyy too much". We giggled and I joked "Awww. I hope you didn't hurt yourself carrying those bags". We all laughed and the it got quiet again. "Um, I have a small announcement" Alex said a little akwardly. He got up, went to the same room Violet opened the window in, which I'm guessing was a bedroom, then came back. "Claire Marie Smith," he started dramaticly "will you go to the dance with me?" he finished as he gave her a red rose that matched her hair. She blushed so much, her face matched the rose and her hair. "Yes!" she almost screamed. She accepted the rose, hugged him and gave him a kiss. "Awwww" we all said like in the movies.
  7. Kyle left the room and came back a minute later. This time it was a pink rose. "Lucy?" was all he had to say before she said "Of course!". Since they weren't as close as Claire and Alex obviously were, they just hugged. "That just leaves-" Claire started. "Me" Ben finished her sentence. He had already gone to the bedroom and taken a black rose. "_____, will you go to the dance with me?" he asked. Lucy and Claire urged me to say 'yes'. "Yes" I said after a moment. "Yay!" they all said in unison. "Now you all have dates to the dance!" Violet told us. "Well, we now all have dates planned out and I am exhausted. Night" I said and exited the room. I changed, showered, then crawled into bed.
  8. *Fast forward to the dance* The place looked great. It reminded me so much of the school only. . . better. The guys even dressed up nice! They all were wearing tuxedos and they looked adorable! My dress was black, fingertip length, and strapless. It had a big, silver bow on the back around my waist and I wore black converse boots with the dress. Lucy's dress was lavander with one strap over her shoulder and it went to her knees. The bottom of her dress was poofy and she had a darker purple ribbon (not a bow) around her waist. She wore black high heels. Claire's dress was bright green and was also fingertip length and it had a loop that went around her neck (I can't remember what they're called). The way her dress was designed it looked like it was all made of ribbon. She had a light yellow bow on the front of her dress around her waist with white ballet flats.
  9. "Wow _______, you look great!" Ben told me. I blushed, smiled and said "Thanks, you look really nice too". Violet decided to be invisible and play music during the dance. She didn't want us to see her because that would kind of kill the mood. I mean who wants their grandma at homecoming?! The first song she played was a fast song, Hit The Lights by Selena Gomez and The Scene. We were all dancing and having a great time. When the song was over, she played a slow song, Wish You Were Here by Avril Lavigne. The other four we all lovey and cuddling, but me and Ben? We just stood there. We were about two feet apart from each other. "Umm, do you wannna dance?" Ben asked offering his hand. "Well, it IS a dance" I said back and put my hand in his. His hands were sooo soft! We danced just kind of swaying to the music. After that the dance was kind of. . . well, a normal dance. Violet played fast songs, slow songs. We switched who we were dancing with for a couple, but during the slow dances, we all danced with our dates.
  10. We had all been dancing for about three hours when we were all tired. Since there was only six people (well that were dancing) we all kind of stopped at once. The air shimmered next to the speaker and Violet appeared. "All done? Well, it was a lovely dance." she clapped her hands and the room was back to the regular ranch living room. We all sat on the couch to chat and eat. It was nine o'clock, but none of us cared, we had been dancing for hours and we were hungry! When we finished, we watched Twilight. About ten minutes into the movie there was a knock at the door. I volunteered to get the door because Violet had gone to bed (old people can't stay up for a long time) and everyone was cuddling. With the exception of me and Ben, we're not a couple and he asked me to homecoming because we would've danced together anyway. I wondered who it was. Then I realized something. It was nine-thirty at night and Violet was asleep. Who could possible be there? I started to panic, but I opened the door anyway, the curiousity was burning. I opened the door cautiously, but when I saw who it was, I almost flung the door open. "Oh my gosh. What are you doing here?"

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