Giving Love A Shot Part 2

Hey. I decided to continue the story. So this is part two of my series Giving Love A Shot. To tell you all the truth, I didn't think enough people would like my series to make a part two.

I apreciate all the comments and ideas. So far it seems like all of you really like Ben. Special thanks angelic4, Birdsong234, Asha_Lay_Lay565, and _ViolaLover_ for the awesome ideas! If I didn't use your ideas or it seems like I ignored you comments I didn't. I might use them in the next part. For example some people wanted another girl but I didn't have space to add a third new character and explain. I didn't even fully finish Alex. Sorry if this part doesn't have much action. It's mostly explaining things and I didn't want to make this quiz wicked long.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. So I was in the room and since there was nothing else to do, I tried to figure out where I was. The room smelled like pine trees and. . .ewww dirty laundry. I was guessing I'm in the woods. . .or in a guy's house. The room was just a basic light brown room. There was not door and no window, so there must be stairs somewhere. I heard a thump above followed by a shout.
  2. I listened to get a clue about where I am, well other than the smell. I could hear Kyle and Sean yelling. Kyle is Sean's best friend. He is tall, has short sandy hair, and multicolored eyes. His eyes are kind of like Ben's eyes but they have a hint of green in them. Like Sean, he's popular and a flirt. Although, from the few times I've talked to him, he seems way nicer than Sean.
  3. Suddenly, a section of the ceiling opened and Kyle and Sean fell down in the room, which I'm guessing is the basment. Believe me, they didn't land gracefuly or gently. They got up rubbing their backs and moaning. "Just let her go" Kyle said calmly, but I could tell he was begging. "I'll let her go," Sean said bitterly through gritted teeth "when she tells me where the old lady is!". I opened my mouth to ask -What old lady?- but closed it again. Sean is pretty stupid and if I just stay quiet, he would spill everything. Then, I heard Ben's voice, this time it was as if he was having a regular converstaion with me -So you know about Violet?-. I was so stunned I almost sreamed. I glanced at they guys who were still arguing as if they hadn't heard a thing.
  4. I thoguht -What the hell did Sean use to knock me out? I'm hearing voices! What's next?- I wasn't expecting to hear anything back, but Ben replied -Haven't you figured it out yet? I can talk to you and read your thoughts-. I was getting really worried about my mental stability so I ignored Ben's voice and tried to pay attention to Kyle and Sean. "Sean, do you really think she even knows about Violet yet? She's still under 18!". Sean thought for a second, it looked like whatever Kyle was tricking Sean into thinking was working. Sean opened his mouth to reply when I heard the door upstairs open followed by "I'm coming-" followed by a scream and a cracking sound. It seemed that I was in a house (betting it's Sean's) in the woods. The front door was right in front of the trapdoor that led to the basment.
  5. It was Ben. He probably threw open the door thinking he would be all heroic and junk but didn't realize there was a trapdoor. On the bright side he brought some help. It was some guy i didn't know and Claire! Althought Ben just made a fool of himself, he did buy me some time to find the best escape. Did he distract them? Nope he came running in with a log about two feet long and fell on Kyle and Sean. So the log explained the cracking and the screaming was Claire when she saw he landed on Sean. -Yeesh Claire- I thought -this idiot was planing to torture me or something to find some old lady and you STILL like him? What kind of world is this?!-
  6. I grabbed Ben's arm and tried to drag him up to the trapdoor. I think Ben knocked Sean out because he landed on him and the log broke against his head. He looked like he was fine so we made a run for it. Claire and mystery guy helped Ben out of the basment first. Falling on two guys while trying to be heroic can't be fun and he looked like he was going to throw up. Kyle's head probably hit him in the stomach. I started to go up, but then Kyle held my ankle. I started screaming and kicking, but he actually helped me get out then crawled out himself. Guess that's an advantage of being really tall isn't it?
  7. We ran away from the house and into the city. We were all out of breath and we must have run 3 miles! On the bright side none of us were out of shape and all the guys probably got abbs. When we stopped Kyle explained that we were in the woods and we were at Sean's house. Ben explained that the mystery guy is his cousin. "Hey, I'm Alex." he said in a Brithish accent and shook my hand. "Nice to meet you" I replied. He has black hair with a red streak. His hair style is like Justin Bieber's was before his haircut (sorry but I'm not sure how else to describe it). He is taller than Ben but shorter than Kyle. He also has hazel eyes.
  8. I looked at the sky and saw it was daytime. "How long was I there?" I asked. "Oh about 12 hours. We would've come sooner, but you were still unconsious and it was best if you were awake so you could run." Alex explained. "If you three" I started pointing at Alex, Ben, and Claire "weren't there, how did you know I was out?". This time Ben explained "When you're sleeping or unconsious I can't talk to you or read your mind.". My mind was racing "So you were serious about the telepathy thing?". "Yep" I had a look of pure horror on my face which he quickly noticed "Oh but don't worry, mind readers like me can only read one person's mind and talk to them.". "How come only one person?" I asked. "I don't know. But the person is usually someone the person is or will become extremley close to." I still looked kind of scared so he added "I promise I will never tell anyone else what goes on in your mind unless it's something of vital importance."
  9. I felt better after he said that, but it got akwardly silent and no one wants to be the person to break those. "So does anyone else have any kind of creepy powers that you would like the rest of us to know? There must me some reason why all of us are here together." I asked. "Well," Claire started saying shyly "I have a confession. I'm a physic". It got akwardly silent again and everyone was staring at her. "Oh no it's not what you think! It's not like one that you go and have your fortune told, although I can do that, but back when my family first got the gift people actually could predict true events.". Well it cleared things up, but it was still hard to imagine. "How come it's still truly around today then?" I seemed to be the only one not caught up with all of this stuff. "It runs in families. I guess you could call it a gift. Like generations ago someone in my family had this ability and then their oldest child got it, but only the oldest could get it. Now my family is the only one left with the true, full phsyic. Some families have part of the ability but not the full thing.". Finally everything was starting to click. I turned to Ben "So is it the same case for your family?". "Yeah," he said kind of akwardly, I could tell he was a little surprised that I put him under the spotlight. "Only you can't have part of the telepathy gift and it get shared in a way between people.".
  10. "Is your gift the reason you adore playing matchmaker?" I turned back to Claire. "It's not the reason why I like it, but it's the reason why I'm always right". She tilted her head towards Ben ever so slightly, if you didn't know what she was talking about, you would think it's normal or not notice at all. I just rolled my eyes. On the bright side I knew for a fact that Ben didn't know the full matchmaking story, if he did he would bring it up. Alex had been so silent but he finally pitched into the conversation"So, what are we supposed to do now?". We all glanced at each other because to tell the truth, none of us knew.

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