Giving Love A Shot Part 6

READ THIS! Hi first, I would like to answer some questions. SparklyScarlett's said: Think it's Claire. You talk about her like she's more than just a character in a quiz... Does she try to play matchmaker in real life?:D. The answer is: Claire is based on a real person, but Claire isn't the correct answer. However, the person she's based on does try to play matchmaker.

Also, PuffBall said: I don't get it?????? Isnt Ben and the others in their bedrooms??????? The answer is: No. They were all in the living room watching Twilight. READ THE RESULTS! It says who won the contest!

Created by: Teresa22

  1. It was Iris and Caleb Emmerson. They are fraternal twins. They had the same features though. They both have light brown hair, blue eyes, and light freckles over their cheecks and noses. "Um, hi ______. It's nice to see you to" Caleb said. He was always been the bad boy back at school. He always talked back to the teachers and got detentions. I invited them inside. "Lucy, this is-" I tried to introduce them to Lucy, but she finished "Caleb and Iris. Yes, I know them". She smiled at them. "Okay?" I half said and half asked. "So, welcome to my house" Lucy said, no longer smiling. I guessed there was something between the or their families because it seemed like they found it akward talking to each other. "So, why are you guys here?" Kyle asked polietly. "Oh," Iris started "we were sent here by our parents. Usually when people go on quests, they take some back up. So in other words, other magic families find out about this stuff pretty quickly". "Well, I'm glad you're here. We're not really sure what we need to do yet, but back up is always good" Kyle said. "Shhhhh!" Claire whispered. She had her head in Alex's chest and was deeply interested in the movie. "Let's get back to the movie" I whispered. We all got back into our spots and watched the movie.
  2. So the movie ended and it was really late. I yawned and said "Well, I'm going to bed. 'Night". "'Night" everyone kind of mumbled. I showered and changed. All of the girls had to share a room and all of the guys had to share a room. With the exception of Lucy, she lives here so she has her own room. Apparently everyone else was tired because I didn't have to wait long until Claire and Iris came in the bedroom. Iris seemed worn out, she plopped one of the beds and put her head in the pillow. "Iris?" I asked. "Yeah?" she mumbled through the pillow. "If you and Caleb knew you were coming, why didn't you bring luggage?". She picked her head up and faced me "You don't know what our power is? Since we're twins we both got it.". I smiled and said "No, sorry". "It's fine." she said wearily "Caleb and I have a connection. It's like we're parasitic twins kind of. Our lives are intertwined. If he feels pain, I do and vice versa. Also, we can transport things. Watch". She stared at the ground and out of nowhere, a blue overnight bag dropped on the floor. "Cool" I said. "Thanks. But it takes a lot of energy and I can't transport people or anything like that." she explained.
  3. I yawned again and crawled into bed. "Good night" I yawned. Soon, Claire and Iris had also showered and crawled into a bed. I slept soundly. I had a weird dream though. I was in a field of flowers and I couldn't breathe. I tried to gasp for air, but it was as if something was sitting on me even though I was standing. I heard a rustling and I looked around, but all I saw was flowers. I snapped my eyes open, trying to steady my breaths.
  4. I still couldn't breathe. I started to panic. Then, I looked down and I saw what the problem was. Mr. Cuddlepants had decided to take a nap on my chest. The rustling was Claire, she had just finished changing. She looked at me then said "________, you okay?". I told her "Yeah, I'm fine. I just had a weird dream. Mr. Cuddlepants, I'd appreciate it greatly if you got off". He looked at me, pressed his wet nose against my face, and jumped down. I breathed normally again. "What time is it?" I asked Claire. "Oh, it's seven in the morning. You can go back to sleep if you want". "Oh, no it's fine. I'm already up now" I got out of bed, picked an outfit, and headed toward the bathroom to change. I walked into the kitchen (which is also part of the living room) and saw that only Alex, Claire, and I were up. "Hi" I greeted them. "Hey" Claire replied cheerfully. Alex just sat there. -Not a morning person, huh?- I thought. Then I heard a thump followed by some swearing. I ran into the room that it came from, the boys' room. I saw Ben on the floor, his face was facing the ground. "Oh my gosh, are you okay?!" I asked him. More swears. "I'm fine I guess." he said brushing himself off. "What happened?" I asked. "Well, I heard you talking to me while I was still half asleep and it startled me. I fell out of bed" he explained. -Wow- I thought and smiled. -Shut up- he thought back.
  5. I heard Kyle move and say "Hm? What's going on?". I laughed and said "Nothing, Ben just fell on his face". "Awww, I missed that?!" he asked not bothering to ask him if he's okay. "Gee, thanks for caring buddy" Ben said sarcasticly. "Sorry Ben, but you know I love to see people get hurt. Well as long as it's not serious" Kyle defended himself. We all laughed and walked back into the living room/kitchen where Violet was waiting for us.
  6. We all just kind of stood there. I remembered that we have to leave soon. She was holding Mr. Cuddlepants and there was a box on the table in front of her. It was a very simple box, it was dark wood and had a L in a circle on the top. "As you all know, you can't stay here very long." Vilet said, her expression was very sad yet brave. She continued "You can never stay anywhere very long during quests. Very soon you'll have to leave me and I'll be alone, so I must give you some information. The quicker, the better." she looked down at the box on the table. "What does the L stand for?" I asked her. "Little. It's my last name." she responded. "Every family has a box that has been passed down for generations. The boxes are all enchanted so that the letter changes to match the owner's last name." Caleb explained "For example my family's box has an E on it". "Correct" Violet commented "This box contains my family's secrets from gerations".
  7. She took the lid off the box and pulled out all of the stuff. There was a thick, overstuffed book, a small book, and a gold ring with a small ruby in it. She handed the ring and small book to Lucy. "The book is our family's spellbook. Every family's is a little different. You must read and learn these spells. Now the ring, it has our family's power in it. It's used mostly in combat to help a friend. As you all know when Lucy's invisible and touches something, the object she's touching also becomes invisible. If there's someone you trust to share our power with, you can give the ring to them." she explained to Lucy. Lucy put the ring on her left index finger, but she stayed visible. "I know you're wondering why she's still visible." Violet started "First, Lucy has the power of invisibility naturally so the ring doesn't make a difference for her. Also, like our power, we can choose when we turn invisible. For example if ________ put the ring on, she would stay visible until she wanted to become invisble". We all nodded and Violet handed me the bigger book. "_______, you still don't know your power. Look through this. It has observations that family members have made for generations and it might give you an idea of your power." she explained. "Thank you." I said, and I truly meant it. "I ask that you also take the box with you and I have one thing left to give you" she told us. She dropped something in Lucy's palm. She held it up and we all gasped. It was a silver ring with a plumbob dianmond on it. Lucy was on the verge of tears. "What?" Kyle aaked and put his hand on Lucy's shoulder. She pulled away. "It was my engagment ring." Violet answered him "I want you to have it to remember me and your grandfather by". Lucy cried and hugged her grandmother. I could tell her grandfather was dead and they must have been very close. Lucy wiped her eyes and put the ring on her right ring finger.
  8. "So what are we supposed to now?" Caleb asked. "Know, you must leave. I'll give you the adress of Mia. She's going to give you a phrophecy, then you can go further into your quest." Violet explained. "You all may still be wondering what the purpose of this quest is and the purpose is, you must learn." Violet continued. "Woah, woah, wait. This is all so we can learn?!" Kyle asked a little mad. "Let me finish blondie." Violet snapped at Kyle. "You all must learn as much as you can before you face Sean. I don't know exactly what will happen, but I know for sure that you must battle him." she finished. "Grandma, does this mean that we have to go?" Lucy asked sadly. "Yes, sweety. I'm sorry." she told Lucy sincerely "You guys should probably start going". Violet wrote down an adress on a paper and handed it to Lucy.
  9. Within ten minutes we were all packed and in the car. Thankfully the car could fit all of us (I don't know how many people a minivan can fit, but pretend it can fit everyone). Lucy was driving, Ben sat next to her, Caleb and Iris sat next to each other, Claire and Alex sat next to each other (it was kind of obvious that they would sit next to each other) and I sat next to Kyle in the back of the car. Lucy hugged her grandmother one more time and then drove away. "I thought you and Lucy had a thing going on" I whispered to Kyle. "Yeah, I did too. But I guess that was just to get Ben jealous" he said frowning. I think their unofficial relationship and break-up really hurt him. "Oh, you knew about that?" I asked. "Yeah, she made it kind of obvious when she met him". I felt so bad for Kyle, his family friend used and rejected him for his friend.
  10. -Ask Lucy how far it is from here to the prophet's house- I told Ben. I saw him lean towards Lucy and ask her. She answered, but she seemed a little sad about leaving Violet. -She said about an hour- he informed me. -Thanks- I responded. "So. . ." I said trying to make conversation with Kyle. "What was going on in your life before all this magic messed it up?" he asked me. I just sat there with a shocked expression. I wasn't expecting that question, but I answered "Um, nothing really. I went to school, hung out with Claire. Nothing much" I concluded. Kyle was about to tell me about his life before this quest when the car pulled over and Lucy slamed on the brakes. The minivan almost fell over. We all called to each other making sure everyone was okay. "What was that?" Iris asked Lucy. "Claire yelled at me to pull over and fast." Lucy said just as stunned as everyone else. "Claire!" we all shouted. "There's something out there!" Claire exclaimed "I don't know what it is, but it's not going to hurt us". We all got out of the car and saw a dent in the middle of the road. I walked forward to look at what was in the dent and gasped.

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