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  • Awesome quiz, my name is Mitchelle, short for mitch or mitchy, i'm tall about 173cm which i think is 6' something, i hv ginger hair and dark brown eyes, i'm slim and athletic, i'm quiet kinda, until i get to know, but i'll speak my mind when i hv to, my age is 14 but u cn change it to be the same age as the others, cant wait for part 7

  • Wasn't the contest about guessing your favourite color? I though it was... I think I'm blind, this isn't the first time I think I read something, but in reality it isn't what I though it was. Maybe I should go check my eyes, see if I need glasses or something like that xD

  • Nice quiz! Can't wait for part 7! SO I'm 5' 3", Carmel colored hair and blue eyes. I usually wear my hair in a pony tail, I'm 14, My name is Sarah. You can change my age or anything to help fit me into your story. =)

  • I want to find out what my power is XP Keep writing ^^ part 7!

  • the question was who is based most on someone that i know. also i read your comment on my other quiz and it's fine. i'm not mad at you

  • I CANNOT WAIT TILL THE NET PART!!!!!! luv ur quizzes!!!!! And thanks for ur response on the question!!!! Piece out!

  • I miss Mr Cuddlepants:D lol he was my favorite;)

  • Part 2!


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