Giving Love A Shot Part 4

Hey there! This is part 4 of my I don't know how long series! I'm probably gonna keep these five characters. If you want more characters let me know in the comments! Also, tell me in the comments. . .who do you want to go to the dance with?

I hope you enjoy this part of my series! I mention a necklace in the middle of the quiz and I just want you guys to know it looks like this only with a diamond instead of sapphire.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. We got to the parking lot and Lucy showed us her minivan. "Lucy, your family is rich! So why do you drive a minivan?" Alex asked then quickly added "I have no problem with you having a minivan, but still". "Grandma wants me to keep a low profile. I have fancy clothes and an expensive car would make Sean finding me easier. Plus, it can hold all six of us. Duh" she replied as if it were completely obvious. Lucy offered to drive, but Kyle seemed a little uneasy about that. "Lucy I was wondering. . .is it okay if I drive?" Kyle asked. "Oh sure" she replied and tossed him the keys. "Thanks" he said. To avoid the confusion and fighting over who was sitting where we chose our seats before getting in the car. Kyle is driving, Lucy was sitting next to him to give him directions, Claire and Alex agreed to sit next to each other in the back seats, so I was left to sit next to Ben in the middle. Claire smiled at me and Ben because we were standing next to each other. I gave her a look that said 'You're not going to give this matchmaking thing up are you?'. She smiled and shook her head. I gave her a final glare and climbed in the minivan.
  2. Okay it's time for a little explaination. When we left our hometown of North River (Lucy being the only exception because she lives in Daughtry, duh) we went to the town's airport, but it could only take us to Dallas. So the drive was going to be a while. "How long is it from here to Daughtry?" Kyle asked Lucy. "Oh umm, with traffic about hmmm, four hours give or take." she replied as if it didn't bother her. Claire sat directly behind me again so she kicked my chair. We all had our phones so she texted me 'Ooooo! You have 4 hours to sit with Ben!'. I rolled my eyes then sent back a text that said 'Why did you and Alex agree to sit next to each other?'. She replied 'I wanted you and Ben to sit next to each other. Plus I could tell he was gonna ask me anyway'. 'Oh' I sent back then stopped texting her. "Aren't we missing school?" I asked. "Yeah, but don't worry. All of our parents will understand what's going on and make an excuse." Ben told me. "Awwww" Claire said now dissapionted. "What? Do you actually like school?!" Alex asked her. "No way!" she replied surprised "It's just that _______ and I were really looking forward to the dance next week." she frowned. "Well then, we'll just have to have our own dance at the ranch" Lucy said trying to cheer Claire up. "Sounds fun" Claire said instantly happier.
  3. So Kyle and Lucy were busy telling about life had been since the last reunion, which was last year, Alex and Claire were flirting with each other in the back seat, and I was sitting in akward silence next to Ben. "So," He said trying to make conversation. "So," I said back. "should we go shopping when we get there?" I asked him. I was still wearing the same outfit from my 'date' with Sean. "Yeah, I'll go shopping with you." he said, then blushed and added akwardly "Unless you wanted to go with Claire or Lucy". I laughed and said "Maybe we should all go shopping. None of us brought clothes on the flight. You could shop and do guy stuff with Kyle and Alex and I'll do girl stuff with Claire and Lucy". "Sounds like a plan" he said.
  4. Ben leaned forward and asked Lucy "Um, could we maybe go to the mall? If there is one". I could see that Ben knew that Lucy has a thing for him and found it akward. "Sure, there's one right outside of Daughtry" she replied. I could see she liked shopping. "Hm?" Claire said as if she hypnotised herself! "I heard shopping! So when are we going?". She was probably enjoying her one on one time with Alex before she heard 'shopping'. "We should actually get there in about ten minutes" Kyle announced. "Awesome" Claire said. She started making a plan about how the guys would go and do whatever, we would go shopping together, and which shops we would go to first. I didn't really pay much attention to her. Then I had an interesting experience.
  5. I could still see Kyle driving and Lucy chattering happily to him, but it was as if it were a dream. My vision was blurry. Like when you stare at something, but you don't focus on it and are about to zone out. I heard my grandmother, my dead grandmother. She whispered to me, but it wasn't the normal, sweet, calming voice she always used with me. It came out as if she was rushed. She said "______, it's me, I don't have much time to explain but you must listen! I must tell you this, it won't make sense but it's of vital importance! Avoid London at all costs. Your friends will help you throughout your journey, but when it comes to make the final stand, you must choose one. You may meet more but they will be lost, never to last long unfortunatly. Now I must go child. Good luck and I know you never received this at the funeral like you were supposed to, but it's yours now!". Just like that, she was gone.
  6. I wanted to cry. She has been dead for three years and I got her back for a few minutes. Then she was gone again. Not many people knew, but my grandma and I were actually really close. "_______?" Ben said as if he knew exactly what happened, well now that I know about his power, he probably does know what just happened. He put his hand on mine and I realized my hand was in a fist. I opened my fist and inside my palm was a necklace. It wasn't just any necklace, but my grandmother's, the one she was burried with. It was her favorite necklace and mine too. When she died she left it to me in her will, but the family decided that she should be burried with it. It was a simple necklace, but I still thought it was beautiful. It was a cubed diamond inside what looked like a squished silver ring on a thin silver chain. I felt a little sad at the funeral when she was burried with it, but her spirit knew and gave it to me. "Where did you get that?" Ben asked as he stared in awe. I explained to all of them about my grandmother's death, her funeral, and her message. They didn't have to know how she died, which was peacefully in her sleep, but it would help them understand the funeral and such. "It's a beautiful necklace" Lucy complimented, she had just now turned to see the necklace. "How long was I talking to her?" I asked them. We didn't seem any closer to the mall than when I heard my grandmother. "We still have about ten minutes until we get mall. Why?" Kyle responded. "I felt like I was talking to her for at least three minutes" I replied begining to get confused. "I can explain." Ben started "Dead people time goes faster than normal time. People have talked to the dead before, not like fortune tellers, but like what you just did. They have all described feeling like they were with the dead for minutes or hours, when it was only a few seconds or a minute. It's like in The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe. The kids think they're in wardrobe for hours and days, when it was only a few minutes. Right Claire?" he asked Claire, probably to clairify with the expert in talking to the dead. "Exactly" she said.
  7. "It really is a beautiful necklace" Ben commented "could I see it?". I handed him the necklace and he put it on for me. I touched the charm part of the necklace and remembered good, happy times I had with my grandma. When we used to cook together, her teaching me to sew, her reading to me one night when she babysat me, and other normal things that grandmothers do with their grandchildren. -I miss her so much- I thought and for once I wasn't surprised when I heard Ben say -I know, she was a nice lady. You look beautiful with her necklace-. I blushed and thought more about my grandma.
  8. When I stopped thinking about my grandmother we were at the mall. "We're here" Kyle announced "everyone get out!" he joked. "Okay," Claire explained the plan one more time "so it's quarter past four now and the mall closes at nine. Since we all have our phones we can text if anything goes wrong and we'll just meet back out here by eight. Got it?". Kyle raised his hand as if he were in school "Umm, why do we need over three hours to shop?" he asked. "Because," Lucy replied as if she went over this before "Me, Claire, and _______ are going shopping together, then you guys" she gestured to Alex, Ben, and Kyle "are gonna go do whatever. We're girls we take a while to shop. We have to look good. Right?" she asked me and Claire. "Of course we do! Didn't you guys know that?!" I responded. "Okayyyy." Kyle said obviously dropping it. "So," Claire said and claped her hands together "let's get shopping". The groups made sense. Lucy could afford anything and everything in the mall and Alex could convince the cashiers to give him anything. We all said 'bye' and 'see you later' then headed towards opposite ends of the mall.
  9. We went to all the popular stores. We went to Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Hot Topic, JCPenny, Macy's, and some shoe stores. We did a lot of shopping. Before we knew it, it was time to meet the guys at the car. We got clothes, some jewelry, make-up, and shoes! When we got to the car, the guys weren't there. Lucy had the keys so we dropped off our stuff in the trunk, it was really heavy, and went to walk around and look for the guys.
  10. While in the car before we got to the mall, we all exchanged phone numbers so I tried to call the guys. Ben's my best friend and almost always answers his phone, so I tried calling him first. I litened to the dial tone then heard 'Hi, this is Ben. Can't get to my phone right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to you'. I tried Kyle next 'You've reached Kyle. Leave your name and number and I'll return your call when I get a chance'. Then I tried Alex, yet again I got 'It's Alex, leave a message or try again later'. Lucy tried to text each of them and Claire was trying to use her powers to find them. I sighed and sat on one of the benches near the stairs. "Anything?" I asked them. "Sorry, they're not replying" Lucy reported. "Don't see anything" Claire filled us in. I suddenly perked up. "Wait a second!" I said aloud. "What's the only way to give a mind reader a message without using a phone?" I asked them even though I already had the answer. They realized the same thing "Well talk to him!" Lucy urged. -BEN! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!- I screamed at him in my mind.

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