Giving Love A Shot Part 7

Welcome back! So sorry that I took so long on this part! With the holidays, school work, and writter's block! It took some time. I hope you like this part even though it's kinda short.

There are a lot of characters, I do realize that, but some of them will be. . . moving on soon. Please comment! I don't get why, but when I get a lot of comments, I tend to try to get these out faster.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. It was a girl. She was kind of short and had carmel hair in a ponytail. She blinked and then opened her blue eyes. "Oh my gosh. Are you okay?!" I asked her. "Ugh, yeah I'm fine." she said getting up slowly. "Who are you?" Claire asked now at my side. "Oh, I'm sorry" the girl said sincerly "My name is Sarah". "How did you get here?" Caleb questioned. By now everyone had come over to the dent. Sarah opened her mouth to explain, but Alex inturrupted saying "Not here. We should all get in the car and Sarah can tell us her story". We all got in the car and Sarah sat in between me and Kyle.
  2. "So what did happen?" I asked Sarah. "I was running away from home." she started "My parents were killed by monsters last year and I just couldn't stand living in that house anymore". "Is there more to this story?" I asked. "Yes. My power is speed. I was running and I saw this car. I tried to stop, but I made that dent. When I was stopping all the gravel just kind of made hole, like at the beach if you have a flat surface then you throw something at it, it will make a little crater. That's kind of what happened." she finished. "I'm sorry for your loss" Kyle said. "It's okay." Sarah reassured him "It's just that, the house had too many memories, bad memories and good memories". I could tell she didn't really want to talk anymore.
  3. We spent the rest of the hour long drive in silence. We all got out of the car at Mia's adress and Alex knocked on the door. A young girl with ginger hair and brown eyes answered the door. "Hi are you Mia?" Alex asked her. "No, Mia's my aunt. I'm Mitchelle." she told us quietly. "Come in and I'll go and get Mia." she gestured into the house. Since we were now in the city, the furniture was more modern and small. The house looked like a small office building. Mitchelle left and two boys came into the room fighting over a book. They saw us and imediately stopped. The shorter boy had light brown hair, purple eyes, and was currently holding the book. The taller one had skateboarder style dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. The taller one spoke "Um, hi people in my house. I'm Matthew, please call me Matt, and this is my little brother Daniel, you can call him Danny or Dan. WHo are you?". Iris spoke for us "Nice to meet you Matt and Danny. I'm Iris, these are my friends _______, Claire, Lucy, Alex, Ben, and Kyle, and that's my brother Caleb". "Hey!" Caleb exclaimed clearly offended. "What? You're not my friend you're my brother." Iris said in her defense. Caleb muttered something about being older then was quiet.
  4. "So what's with the book?" Kyle asked. "Oh, this?" Danny said. "Yeah" Kyle told him. "This is our family's spellbook, we kinda use it a lot." Matt explained. A minute later Mitchelle came into the living room with a lady that looked like she was maybe 37 or 38. She had purple eyes and ginger hair like Mitchelle's. "Hello, I'm Mia. Nice to meet you" she greeted us. "Um, we need a prophecy" Claire told her. "Oh, of course" Mia said "but this came in the mail". She handed me a medium sized box with holes in it. I opened it and saw a small gray kitten.
  5. "Mr. Cuddlepants!" Lucy screamed. She had her little reunion with the cat and Mia explained that she would give us our prophecy tonight. Apparently you have to get them a certain way. We told Mia about how Violet said there was going to be a war, so she decided that Matt, Danny, and Mitchelle would go with us. "I love them and care about them dearly, but if the magic and mortal worlds collide" she shook her head "disaster". In the meantime, we decided to get to know each other. We knew pretty much everything about Sarah that she was gonna tell us. Mitchelle lost both of her parents in the mortal war, so she now lives with her aunt and cousins. She and her parents could fly. "It may seem awesome, but it actually takes a lot of practice" she told us. Matt and Danny are brothers and they fight a lot. Prophets are usually every other generation and they don't get their family's power. So Mia is a prophet, Matt can freeze time, and Danny doesn'thave any powers. Matt said that he can only freeze one thing at a time, like whatever he's focusing on, not everything.
  6. At 9 p.m. Mia called everyone into the kitchen. The only source of light was from candles. She had us all sit in a circle. She closed her eyes and said something in Latin, I think. The lights went out. Mia opened her eyes, but they were green. Not like she had contacts in, but her entire eye was glowing raioactive green. She spoke as if she were choking and said "The first shall be lost with the second. In a place that seems calm, turns deadly. The battle will lead to the city you were trying to avoid. Only a few can survive." She gave a final gasp and the lights came back on. Her eyes slowly became purple again. When her eyes became fully normal she smiled and said "So, what did I say?".
  7. I repeated what she told us. "So what does it mean?" Matt asked. Danny, who was usually quiet answered saying "Well the second line obviously means a place where we think is calm, can turn deadly". "Hmmm. Maybe" Mia said "Don't forget, prophecies are usually something you would never think of. You can figure it out later. Rest up, you all must leave in the morning". With that she got up and left us sitting there in the kitchen. "She's right" I said, pushing in my chair. I was exhuasted and I didn't even do anything! I showered, changed, and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.
  8. I woke up very early. I yawned and thought -I guess they weren't kidding when they say 'Early to bed, early to rise'-. I decided to take a walk outside. We were no longer in the small town of Daughtry, so it was a little more dangerous. . .and hard. I tried to cross the street and almost got hit by a car! I cursed under my breath then went back inside. I wasn't the only one awake anymore.
  9. Kyle was sitting on the couch. "Hi" I said, sitting next to him. "Hi" he replied. "What's up?" I asked trying to make conversation. "Nothing" he said. I put my head on his shoulder. He looked at me for a second. The next thing he did surprised me.
  10. He kissed me. I kissed him back and we just sat there kissing for about 15 minutes. Then we heard a shower turn on. I pulled back and I didn't know what to say. I finally managed to say "That was . . . nice". He smiled and said "Glad you thought so". He kissed me one final time then moved away from me. Just as he looked as if we were just talking, Iris came into the living room. She stopped for a second and asked "Did I miss something?". She had a confused look on her face. "Nothing. . ." Kyle and I said in unison. Iris shrugged and walked away, satisfied with her answer. I looked over at Kyle and he mouthed 'Our little secret'. I nodded.

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