Giving Love A Shot Part 3

Hi. This is part three of my series and I hope you love this part just as much or more than my last two. I finally added another girl character! Just so you know, most of this part takes place on a plane but you also learn a lot.

If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments. I love reading your ideas and what you think about my story! I'll probably put a contest in part 5, so you can look forward to that eventually!

Created by: Teresa22

  1. "Well first thing's first," Kyle decided "we need to get to Austin". "Austin as in Texas?" I asked begining to get confused again. "That's the one" Claire responded. "Okayyyyy" I said. My mind was spinning yet again. I thought -Damn, just as I was starting to understand things!-. -We'll explain more- Ben replied. I jumped at the sound of his voice in my head, I don't think I'll ever get used to that. "So why Texas?" I asked the group, not really sure who would reply. "We'll explain as we move" Alex said "Ben didn't kill Sean, so he'll probably wake up soon". "How are we going to get to Texas?" Claire asked for once. -Yes! I'm not the only one who's clueless!-. Ben smiled. "We fly of course" Alex said as if it were obvious. "Uhhh," I started trying not to sound like a moron "how are we gonna get tickets?". "Just leave it to me" Alex said mysteriously.
  2. We got to the airport and I was still unsure how Alex was going to get us tickets. "5 first class tickets to Austin, Texas" Alex told the lady at the ticket counter (where you go before you go through security and stuff). -There's no way that lady's just gonna hand over 5 tickets- but surprisingly it worked! She gave Alex the tickets and said "Enjoy your flight.". She sounded cheerful, but also as if she was in a trance. "What was that about?" I asked Alex "She just gave you 5 first class tickets for free! Was it because of your British accent?". "No ______, although girls are suckers for accents, it wasn't that. I'll explain on the flight". For the first time since I learned about his power, I purposly tried to talk to Ben with my mind -Does he have some kind of power too?-. -Yeah- he replied -he's my cousin remember? His power works a little differently. He can covince people to do certain stuff, but it only works on minnor things. He can't make peace between two countries' presidents or anything like that.-. It took me a minute to take all that in -Too bad huh? If he could control major stuff we wouldn't be doing this, right?-. Ben grinned at me.
  3. Okay so we got on the plane and we were in first class. I sat near the aisle. Claire was sitting directly behind me and next to Kyle. Alex was sitting next to me on the window side and Ben was sitting next to me in the other aisle seat.
  4. We had just started the flight and Alex hadn't said anything to me. "Sooo, uhh Texas huh?" I said trying to break the silence. "Yep" he replied. I could tell he wasn't at all like Ben and that I was gonna have to talk more to get a response. "Why?" I tried again. "That's where Violet is. Didn't you know that?". I just stared in silence. -Wow I'm stupid- I thought. I hadn't thought about Violet since Sean's house! Of course that's why we're going to Texas! "I've heard of her, but what's the story?".
  5. "Well while you and Claire were in the bathroom Ben said he told you what my power is so ahhh, where to begin." he muttered to himself. "Okay," he started this time more confidently "when magic began, there were two siblings that had powers and so there are two sides of magic families. One side is good, the other is evil. So in a way we're all related, but aren't all humans in a way? Anyway, a lot of the magic families are friends so every three years we hold a reunion type thing. Well, the good side of the family does. Violet is in one of the families. Her family can become invisible. That's how she has stayed hidden from Sean and his side of the family, the bad one. She's actually one of Kyle's grandmother's best friends."
  6. "Why does Sean's family want to get her?" that was the only part I didn't understand. . .so far. "She's part of one of the oldest continuing families." Alex began to explain again "See sometimes the lines got a little mixed up. Like, the child with the power dies, or they're put up for adoption. Usually when they die, if the person was still a baby the next kid got the power, but that's only when it's a rare power that only the oldest child gets. When they are put up for adoption, they're eventually discovered and taken in by another magic family. However, the continuing families are the most powerful. . . and have the most secrets. That's why Sean needs her and fast. Violet's getting pretty old and she won't live forever. See, each family gets a box explaining magic, their powers, and other types of supernatural junk. Sean wants the secrets that Violet's box contains. Get it?". He said the last part as if he had just explained for the fifth time to a three year old how to hold a pencil. I found it a little rude and uncalled for, but I held my tounge. At least I was finally starting to understand the whole idea. "So, what we're trying to do is get to Violet and her box before Sean does?" I asked a little uneasily. "Exactly" Alex said and smiled.
  7. "So," I said kind of akwardly "is Kyle the only one without a power?". "No" Alex replied. I could tell he was going to start getting quiet again "you are. Kyle's family shapeshifts. You? You might have powers, but if you do we don't know them yet so they're not gonna do you any good". I said nothing. Out loud in my mind I was thinking -For a guy who had a British accent, who's probably British, and from Britian, home of the proper ladies and gentlemen, he's such a jerk.-. -Yes he has an accent, yes he's British, yes he's from Britian, yes it's home of proper people, and yes he is a jerk. Sorry, but you'll get used to it eventually.- Ben said to me in my mind.
  8. So, we finally got off the plane and were in Texas. It was about noon so we all agreed about what to do next. Well, that is except for Alex. Alex wanted to start on the search for Violet right away. He was probably right, but only one thing was on the rest of our minds. We had been on that plane for three hours and we all wanted was FOOD!
  9. After we were all full we had absolutly no idea where to look for Violet. "I think we should start in her hometown." Kyle suggested. "Which is where?" I asked. "It's a tiny part of Austin called Daughtry". "Like the band?" Ben asked. "Yeah" Kyle replied. "So how are we gonna get there this time?" Claire asked. "Well, we're probably gonna have to take a cab." I said. "No cabs in Texas ______" Claire repsonded. "Hang on" she added grinning.
  10. She wandered into the crowd before someone could stop her. "Claire, get back here!" I shouted after her. None of us wanted to get lost with her, so we decided to stick together. "On the bright side, since she's phsycic she can always find her way back. Right?" I said to lighten the mood. All I got back was some grunts and yeahs. It was kind of akward. Claire decided the worst time to wander in a very busy Texas airport and leave me alone with three guys, two of which I barely knew. Claire had been gone for about ten minutes when I heard her shout "Hey! ________, Alex, Ben, Kyle! I got us a ride to Daughtry!". She ran towards us with a girl around our age. "Hi, I'm Lucy." she said as she flipped her side bangs. She had long strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and was about the same height as me. I just met her, but I could tell she was very into fashion. She was wearing very stylish clothes and I could smell her perfume even though I was the farthest away from her. "Lucy's gonna help us get to Violet." Claire said while smiling. We all kind of stared at Clire with a look that said 'Why would you ask a mortal to help us?'. Claire probably used her phsycic powers and noticed that there was something worng "Oh don't worry. Lucy's magic. Actually, she's Violet's granddaughter.". Ahhh we all said together. "So, how are you going to get us to Violet?" Ben asked polietly. "Oh" Lucy said batting her eyelashes, she clearly already had a thing for Ben "I'll drive you there. My car is outside.". I pulled Claire aside for a minute and asked "How did you find her?". "Oh that part was easy. Physcic, remember? Also ________, you might want to make your move on Ben fast. It seems Lucy has taken quite a liking to him already." she smiled and followed the others.

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