They Love Me Part 9

This is Part 9 of our series ,"They Love Me". We hope you guys like it! The results is pretty important I guess so if you guys could please read it ? We love all the support you guys are giving us so thanks;)

Dakota has dark brown hair,gray eyes.Matt has black hair,dark brown eyes.Jared has dirty-blonde hair,ocean-blue eyes.Nick has brown hair,hazel eyes.Taylor has brown hair w/ black highlights,green eyes.Dane has golden brown hair,light purple eyes.Chris is a red-head&blue-green eyes.

Created by: [Dannica]&[Karen]

  1. You and Dane got outside and he looked deep into your eyes,smiled, and said ,"Ready for your training?" "Wow." You whispered then said,"oh wait yea I'm ready" He laughed a little and said,"Ok well first you have to get used to the rush of orbing. You get a little light-headed but you'll get used to it." You nodded waiting for him to say more then he continued,"So I'm going to hold your hand is that ok? You know so you can get used to orbing." You blushed a little as your hands intertwined once again and you asked,"Where we orbing?" "Nowhere far just to that tree over there" he said pointing. ;;
  2. "Ok. I'm ready." You replied back your voice a little shaky. You saw blue orbs all around you and it then felt like you were falling. Instead of butterflies in your stomach you felt frogs. You opened your eyes and you were by the tree where Dane said he was orbing you too. You looked up at him and you saw he was also looked at you. He then said,"How was it?" With a small smile you said,"Dizzy." Dane gave a small laugh and said."Good. Its normal. We're only going to work on getting used to the rush. But not too much or else its most likely you'll pass out." "Oh...ok" you say still a little dozed by the orbing. "Are you ready for another round of orbing?" He said with a smile. "Yeaa I guess." You reply. ;
  3. You were starting to get used to the orbing rush and you said to Dane,"Ok I know how it'll feel now" he smiled and said,"Imagine what it feels like when Arianne is trying to attack you. Well we better get going its becoming late" you two linked arms and were walking back to the house and Dane broke the silence by saying,"So have you heard about the dance at school?" "Yeaa" you said. In your mind you were getting excited thinking that Dane will ask you since he's been your crush for 2 years. " you wanna go? Erm...with me?" He blushed a little bit and you were thinking in your head "YES" ;;
  4. You two were about to walk in the house and you were about to say your answer when Jared pops in and says,"________ I...I mean we..need to talk to you!" "Uh..ok. I'll be back Dane". You glared at Jared and he playfully glared back which made you smile a little bit even though you were angry. You walked in the living room and saw all the boys staring at you. You jokingly turned around hoping to get lower the tension. "Whaat?" You ask seriously. "Jared read your mind and you were about to say to Dane" Nick answered. "Sooo??" You reply with the evil eye. "Its not fair?" Matt said. You crossed your arms and walked away. As you were walking away you heard Dakota say,"I think she's mad" ;
  5. "OF COURSE IM MAD!" You scream out as you stomped your way upstairs. You went to your room, opened the door and realized something on your bed. It was a great big blue teddy bear, 11 black roses and 1 red rose in a bundle. Attached to the roses was a note in which your name was printed on the envelope. ;
  6. You opened the envelope and flipped open the card and you read in your mind ,"Your eyes sparkle when it hits the moonlight, your smile brightens up my day,your laugh makes me so happy; I'd die if you went away-- Wanna go to the dance with me? Place your answer outside your door: Red rose says Yes and the black roses means No. - Love,....
  7. ...Matt" you smiled which then turned into a grin. You grabbed the red rose and 1 black rose and put it outside the door. You then went outside and got a vase and filled it with water. You brought it back to your room and put the flowers in the vase. ;;
  8. You put the vase by the window and plopped on your bed next to the big teddy bear. You hugged the bear and decided to name him. You then turned on the little radio in your room and switched to the station that was playing the song;;
  9. There was a knock on the door, and you yelled out over the music,"COME IN!" Dakota walked in , smiled and said,"How you doing?" "Feeling pretty good..did you happen to see 1 red rose and 1 black rose in front of my door?" You ask him with passion in your eyes. "Uh I did but Matt picked them up and took them to his room, do you want me to get them?" Dakota said back. "Oh no its ok its his, he got me this bear too." You reply "Nice. Did you name him?" He said back. "Yes, his name is Ringo" you say a smile ;;
  10. Dakota smiled and walked closer to you. "Did he give you those flowers too?" "Yeaa" you say back. "I don't like flowers." Dakota replied with a small smile and moving closer. So close you had to whisper your reply,"Why is that?" There was just a little gap between you two's lips and he said back to you,"Because I don't like watching things die." He moved in closer filling in that gap with a kiss.

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