Supernatural Love Part 2

Sorry this one was late i was busy =) if you didnt take the frist part take it its Supernatural Love Part 1 kk thatnks for taking my quiz hoped you like it =)

Sorry this one was late i was busy =) if you didnt take the frist part take it its Supernatural Love Part 1 kk thatnks for taking my quiz hoped you like it =)

Created by: vampiregirl1

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  1. Adrian left the room and you sit there thinking about what happened.*Can this really be true* you think. Just then theres a knock on the door "____ dinners in 10 min " You didnt realize how long you've been thinking you get up and go to the closet in it you find a bunch of clothes that are your size. You wear
  2. You get dressed and go step out of your room. The rest of the house is just as beautiful as your room everything in the hall is gold and silver.You go down a grand staircase and into the dining room. The guys all stare at you as you walk in. "You look gorgeous" Ashton says.
  3. You smile at the guys and sit down next to
  4. You sit down next to that guy and he looks very happy other other guys look jealous. You start to eat. Adrian says "So ____ you will need to get some training because the people that are after you will come after you again. You'll need to learn how to defend yourself."
  5. "Ok" you say. "Great well get started tommorow after breakfast." You finish diner and decide to go explore the house. You walk back upstairs and into one of the many rooms. The room you walked into was a library. You look around a bit and see 3 paintings.
  6. The first one is an angel that looks a lot like Ashton and he is with a beautiful girl that looks surprisingly like you. The next one is a vampire Adrian and the same girl. And the third one is a werewolf Max and again that girl.*What is this* you think to yourself. And then you faint
  7. You wake up in your room with the guys next to your bed. "You ok?" Max asks "Yea im fine, but what happened" "You passed out" Adrian says "Well i know that" you say "Why did i pass out" "Because you saw your passed lives"
  8. "Theres something else you need to know ____" Ashton says "This all happened before. The 3 of us fought for your love and every time you picked someone else but you dont remember it only we do" "So whats so bad about that" "Every time you made the decision a couple of days after it you died...."
  9. "What??" you say "how did this happen" "we dont know" Max says "All we know is that being whit us in the passed has killed you no matter if you were a angel a vampire or a werewolf you died every time" "So if i pick one of you this time ill die again??" "No" Adrian spoke this time "This time is different for some reason. Whoever you wont die this time around but you will be in danger while your still human thats why its important for you to decide who you want to be with as soon as possible"
  10. "Wow" you say "I know this is a lot of information to take in at one time so we'll let you rest you training will start in the morning" Ashton sais "Ok" you manage to say The guys leave and this time Max was the one who stayed "You know _____ i really think you should pick me you have the most fun with me" He winked and kissed your forehead "I love you" he said and walked out of the room
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