The Girl Who Lived part 50 (part 1)

ATTENTION READERS: So, this is a multi-answer quiz. I put the effort into this, so you should check out the answers and stuff. This is also part one of two parts. and the second part will serve as something similar to a season finale.

Hey guys. Goodness. It is so late yet I'm writing this up. Although, I can feel a huge storm coming which means that I'll be really busy for a while so part might come out at weird times. Comment and Rate please.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. We danced until the music stopped. It had felt like hours when it had only been a matter of minutes and it seemed as though the time was golden. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well, maybe food when my stomach growled.
  2. 'Let's go get you some food." We walked over to the buffet table. Everything was mostly picked over. The only appetizing thing was probably the skin from the salmon. "There must be more than this. Oh, wait till I tell my father hears about this!..." Then he went off on his own little rant, shaking his finger in the air as if it were some kind of weapon. I left Draco in that state of his that he has while I walked over to Ron, who I knew for sure had taken more than his share.
  3. "Ron, you got any extra food?" It wasn't much of a question, but more of a command.
  4. "Yeah." He opened his jacket to reveal several snacks attached to the inside of his jacket "Make your choice. You can have whatever you want. I already hit up the buffet table before hand."
  5. "Hit up the buffet table? Was that even allowed? When did you have time? I saw you, you were bustling tables."
  6. "I ate as I served and when I went to the buffet table, I hid some under my jacked in a plastic bag. I don't think it was allowed but the Malfoy's have got to be crazy to think we wouldn't try the food."
  7. "You are Ron after all." I accepted his offer and took a bag of food that had been attached to the inside of his jacket. "Thanks. Isn't your break over ?"
  8. " What break? I wasn't even supposed to get a break. There are so many people here that are busting tables that I don't even need to work anymore today. Oh yeah, Parker's looking for you."
  9. PART 2
  10. I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned swiftly to see Parker in noticeably nicer clothes than I had seen him earlier. He was wearing tuxedo with what looked like newly polished black dress shoes. "You haven't forgot about my dance have you?" He asked.
  11. "Course not. What an outfit! Where did that come from?" I asked. I glanced over my shoulder, expecting Ron to be eating something out of a bag, mouth stuffed full and watching us.To my surprise, Ron wasn't there, he was being dragged across the dance floor by his ear. One of the head chefs had found him and appeared to be dragging him back to the kitchen.
  12. "Well, this used to be my dad's. I've kept it in good shape in case of an emergency." He responded. "What kind of emergency?" "This kind." He said, as he dipped me "Hey, did you hear that Lucius Malfoy's on a rampage?" "Really where?" "I have no clue. But word is, that someone tipped him off about the tablecloths and the table centerpieces have gone missing. He's still trying to find who it is." "Wanna make a wager?" Parker asked, raising his eyebrows.
  13. "You bet. Who are you saying did it?" "I think it's that guy over there, he looks awfully suspicious." Parker pointed his finger towards a man in his mid-forties who looked rather well for his age that had worn a beige trench coat to the event and had refused to take off his jacket. "I think I have an ides of who took the valuable centerpieces. See them over there?" I stuck my finger out in the air pointing at two gingers that looked exactly alike.
  14. As we continued to dance, we made bets on who would be the first to break their fancy etiquette, the first to get mad (although Lucius had already won that category by far), easiest to irritate, the eating competition (Ron won by default, with everyone eating their tiny portions while he could eat their whole plate in one bite), the jokesters (the twins pulled more jokes than at Hogwarts although that was probably cause they would never have to see these people again) and lastly our very first bet. Who tipped off Lucius and who stole the expensive centerpieces.
  15. A couple minutes later as I thought, the twins ran through with an angry mob behind them. Lucius was at the front of the crowd with a centerpiece in one hand, and a lime green table cloth in the other. "I told you." I said.
  16. "Scarlet, Ron! it's time to leave."They said running past us and towards the car. I turned to Parker. "I gotta go." Sprinting, I dragged Ron across the freshly mowed lawn and into the car where the twins were starting to drive the flying car.
  17. "You got our paycheck right?" asked Fred who seemed as if this had been usual behavior. "Yes, Draco gave it to me before he left to rant about something." I handed them each a slip of paper with the amount of money they had earned. "What are you going to do with your share?" George asked, while keeping his eyes on his driving. "I plan to put in a bank and save it for a rainy day." I said. "I plan to put it in a bank as well, but I don't want to use it for a rainy day, I want to use it for some kind of business." Fred and George said. "I want to use mine to buy food." Ron stated.
  18. The ride home had a bit of turbulence but not so much that it disrupted our course. It was a relief when we landed on the firm ground outside of the Weasley home. The air was fresh and it was quiet, peaceful. A majority of the time, the twins would bicker on and on about their next prank while Ron would drool over the food he would buy with his sum of money.
  19. Having my feet on solid ground had never felt so refreshing. I retrieved my bag from the trunk and carried it up to the room that I had shared with Ginny. I could feel the bags under my eyes, weighing me down. I only needed a few hours of sleep and then I would be perfectly refreshed to pack for my next year of Hogwarts.
  20. I had forgotten that Hermoine was staying with us for a day or two before we left for Hogwarts. I suppose that I'll just greet her tomorrow. I laid my head on the pillow for just a bit of rest I felt this heavy weight lift off my shoulders. I closed my eyelids, relaxing my shoulders. I had only gotten a few hours of sleep when I heard some talking coming from downstairs. "Harry!" I heard Ginny say. I woke and crept downstairs.

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