The Girl Who Lived part 42

yo peeps, how is it hanging? I hope you are enjoying this part because it hurts my back to sit in this particular chair and write all of this stuff, enjoy.

aside from my hurting back, I found so much inspiration that I plan on sharing in my newest chapters. I can't wait to begin writing and sit in a comfier chair.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. Draco had sent a dress and a beautiful one at that. It was a navy blue taffeta that was supposed to be shorter on the extremely tall girls but on me, it looked as if it would go to be a couple inches below my knees. The dress did have straps but they were off-the-shoulder. It was so elegant. It seemed like a magical moment although being a wizard, all moments are supposed to be magical. In the box along with the dress, there was another box that I then opened. I handed the dress to Ginny who then held it up to herself and then danced around the room with it. I held and put the smaller box on my lap and opened it to find a pair of black platforms along with a small note written on a ripped sheet of notebook paper.
  2. 'If your reading this then you must have found the shoes. I want you to look amazing for the party. I already ripped up the receipt on the dress and shoes, so you can forget about attempting to return my gifts. '
  3. I knew at that moment that when Draco had written this, he must have been smirking knowing he had won an argument hands down. Inside the shoe box lay another box, smaller than the one before it. Inside was a necklace, one made of pure silver. He had definitely outdone it. There was another note inside.
  4. 'I ripped up the receipt for the necklace as well as everything else so don't get any funny ideas.'
  5. I smiled at the thought and knew that if he had said that to my face, he would've smirked, making me want to slap him upside the head. I've often wanted to do that but since his parents were pretty much my guardians at the time, assaulting their son wouldn't do me any good since they hadn't been fond of me from the start.
  6. "Looks like someone fancies our Scarlet." Stated Fred.
  7. "I don't like it one bit Freddie, not one bit. I think we ought to check out this lad." George added in.
  8. "I appreciate that you're looking out for me but you honestly don't have to. I'm just working there." I told them.
  9. "Yes but he did also ask you to be his date." Said the twins.
  10. "He did but he has a reason why. He just wants to go with me because if he has a date, he has a reason not to go with Pansy Parkinson. Not because he likes me."
  11. "I think we should go supervise this anyway. We never get to go to parties anyway." Both the twins said.
  12. "I wonder why." I said sarcastically rolling my eyes. The twins asked Ron if he wanted to go and he said yes. Before I knew it, I would be attending with three others. This is going to be one special party.

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