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  • 'ello readers. I know that I'm going to regret posting this because then I'll have to double up on the writing but, since I got so many wonderful comments on my anniversary, I decided to post this. Not only was writing on GTQ for a year wonderful (cause I love writing) but the great writers that I've communicated with over the course of the year. I also have some great news, I have had 270 reads on wattpad and won an award in McQueen 'hottest quiz award show' for being the person with the most stories.

    Love you all and till next time, Chopinssonata

  • I am probably the weirdest person ever but 1) just read all of the girl who lived 2) literally screamed with happiness when 'Draco asked Scarlet to the party' 3) literally did a happy dance in this part. Yeah I know I am strange. Well anyways congrats on winning the award and I really can't wait for part 43 so please post it soon! thanks and congrats again!!

  • I really enjoyed this and I'm eagerly waiting for the party! Anyway, happy anniversary and congrats on getting the award. As for the story, I'm glad third year started and I can't wait for the rest to unfold.

  • Yes!! Thanks so much for commenting! I don't get very many comments but I'm so pleased I got 2.


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