The Girl Who Lived part 30

So, chapter 30 is finally here. Gosh, it hasn't even been a year for me as a writer and I've already gotten this far. I'm not going to stop writing yet.

Today's story may have an ending that will leave you hanging but not as much as the ones that will come up in the future in further chapters. Hope you enjoy.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. The spiders inched closer. Ron, Harry and I stood in a triangle with our backs to each other.
  2. "I can no longer deny them fresh meat." Aragog's voice said as the abnormally huge spiders leaped towards us. Harry and Ron held their wands aimed at the tarantulas.
  3. "Use a spell." Ron said, his hands shaking wildly
  4. "I can't there's no spell to get rid of them all." Harry replied.
  5. "Where's Hermoine when you need her?" Ron whined. A spider leaped forward towards me. I smacked it down with my umbrella. It was similar to baseball. More tarantula's leaped for us. Out of all things, I didn't figure I'd die by being eaten by a spider but, this is Hogwarts after all. The next events happened in a flash. There was a blinding flash of light coming from at an angle. "I think my life's flashing before my eyes. "
  6. "Ron, that's not your life flashing before your eyes. It's just headlights of the flying car you crashed at the beginning of the year." I said as the car rammed into the spiders while still in mid-air only a foot from our faces.
  7. "Go!" Harry pushed us into the car. A spider was about to attack us but Harry shouted a spell that emitted a light and blew away the spider. Harry and Ron slammed the doors shut while I was stuck between them. Tarantula's jumped onto the car, causing the car to shake. "Go!" Harry shouted again, and Ron stomped on the gas pedal but instead of going forward, the car drove in reverse, making us go backward. Similar to a roller coaster ride, except, we didn't know what to expect. My stomach did flips. The car came to a stop eventually, the coast was clear. Especially here, this is not a good sign.
  8. "Well, there's nothing here-" Then the legs of a spider wrapped around Ron's neck in an attempt to suffocate him. Ron tried to break free, but when there's a battle between an abnormally huge spider that should be considered mutant and Ron, it's obvious who would win. I wouldn't accept that. I grabbed my wand from my boot, throwing my umbrella on the floor. Harry and I shouted the same spell he had earlier that blew away the spider from before.
  9. "I appreciate it." Said Ron feeling his neck.
  10. "Don't mention it." Said Harry
  11. "You're just racking up a bunch of IOU's that I'm eventually gonna claim." I said at the same time Harry said it wasn't that big of a deal. That spider-free zone didn't last for long. More of those mutant tarantula's appeared from behind trees, rock and pretty much everywhere. Ron pressed the pedal again and didn't let go. We drove from out of the pit but all the deadly insects followed the car and wouldn't stop. Ron was watching the trees and where he was driving because if he wasn't, we wouldn't make it out of here alive.

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