The Girl Who Lived part 9

So, this is chapter 9. Year 1 is ended by the chapters now so, we'll just see when year 1 ends because I as the writer, honestly do not know when it will end.

Chapter 9 isn't as funny or interesting as I have planned and it's one of the more serious chapters but, it moves the plot along so,it counts for something.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. I hesitated to accept the letter from Harry. My parents were finally writing a letter after so long. Why now? Out of all my life, why now. I opened the letter with care trying not to rip the delicate envelope that had been sealed ever so carefully by its sender. There were no creases on the paper and no fragrence that had stuck to the envelope. I opened it, Harry still remaining beside me watching.
  2. 'My Dearest Scarlet, I regret to inform you that a tragedy has been put upon our family. The tragedy has been a death and since I can barely bring myself to tell you in this letter, then it'll be more agonizing telling you in person. Your mother has been the one that the Grim Reaper due to unnatural causes that cannot be explained within this letter and I have too little time. I was going to tell you sooner but the situation I've been put in has made contact difficult. You do have a few remaining relatives besides me. Only one is a Wizard like you. I'll send more information when it's safe. -Dad' Is what the letter had said.
  3. There was a void. The loss of an estranged mother had left a bad feeling within the pit of my stomach. I know nothing can fill the void of a parent. "Scarlet, are you okay?" My hands were shaking and I still was clutching the letter in my hand. Harry was now sitting by my side trying to comfort me but it wasn't much use. The void couldn't be filled. I knew it and so did he. Oliver and Neville returned from the Dining Hall shortly with food piled high on two different plates. They stopped in their tracks when they saw our faces and the letter in my hands. I gave them a nod and they continued to walk in.
  4. "We didn't know what you would want to eat, so I brought you comfort food, it'll help you feel better and it won't upset your stomach. " Neville offered the food on the plate he was holding and placed it on the tray by my bed. A three cheese macaroni filled a third of the plate, corn filled the other and slightly toasted bread filled the the last space available. Olived had a plate with an assortment of fruits and vegetables with a side of grilled chicken and a small salad. He then placed it on the tray next to my bedside.
  5. "You're going to need to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and proteins to rebuild your strength." He stated. He glanced at his watch and his eyes widened with panic. "I'm late. This isn't good. I've got to get to quid ditch tryouts." He ran his fingers through his hair.
  6. "Go." Oliver scurried off to practice. I looked at Harry. "Eat." I instructed him as I shoved the plate Oliver had given me. "I know you haven't eaten since I was admitted into the Hospital Wing and that you were going to try out for quid ditch.You're going to need to build up your strength if you want to get in." Harry accepted the food.
  7. "How did you know?"
  8. "I can see the bags under your eyes and they weren't there before I was put in the hospital."
  9. "Wait a minute, don't you need the the food that's healthier so you can get better sooner?"
  10. "It would but I prefer comfort food almost always over what is healthier." He shook his head in disapproval. He continued to eat and with that, was on his way. While he was gone Neville and I found a common interest. The book Les Miserables. We read a chapter together letting the time get away from us. A few hours in reality seemed like days to me. A little before dinner, someone stopped. Someone unexpected with pale grey eyes and pale blond hair. That person was no other than Draco Malfoy.

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