The Girl Who Lived part 8

So, in the end I was able to publish this quiz, so I hope you enjoyed it, I am currently working on writing the 9th and 10th chapter.So, I have a lot planned.

The first year will end within a few more of the chapters, maybe chapter 11,12,13,14 or 15. Depends how much I want to stretch out the first year. I still must keep in mind there's 5 more years to go.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. I was brought back to the Wing with Oliver's support, I literally couldn't have done it without him. When we had returned to the Hospital Wing, we found the twins tearing the place up from top to bottom. They were franticlly searching for something, maybe someone. They threw blankets up into the air and acted like a couple of maniacs.
  2. "Where did she go Freddie?"
  3. "I don't know George. I decided to rest my eyes for a minute and once I woke up, Scarlet was gone." I suppose it hadn't occurred to me that who the twins were looking for was me. Oliver was about to say something but I shushed him, wanting to watch and see how this played out. We were directly outside the Hospital Wing door. Neville was about to pass us when he stopped and looked at me.
  4. "Hey Scarlet. I heard what happened. I came to keep you company but I guess you already have some. What are Fred and George worried about? If they're looking for you, why don't you tell them your safe?"
  5. "I know, but I've honestly never seen them act this way. I want to see what happens." Neville gave me a disapproving look but I didn't care right at the moment. Several minutes later the twins had calmed themselves down and hiding behind the door with two other people wasn't fun anymore. When I was about to step into the room to show the twins I wasn't harmed, I got a bad case of hiccups. Fred and George heard and eventually found the three of us hiding behind the door. They settled me into a hospital bed. Oliver and Neville ran to get me and the twins lunch since we hadn't eaten lunch all day while the twins scolded me.
  6. "Did you even consider how worried we would be when we found you were gone?" George seemed to be scolding me the most out of the two.
  7. "I might have not entirely considered that but in my defense, I left a note saying where I was."
  8. "What note?" They both asked. There was a knock at the door and I turned hoping to get out of this conversation. I knew for a fact that they weren't kidding, mostly George. The twins had never been this serious, they were like parents. A conversation I couldn't wait to get out of.
  9. "Hope you feel well Scarlet!" The Golden Trio announced themselves and entered the large room bringing gifts. The twins stepped aside from their chairs pausing their lecture and stepped out of the room. First came Hermoine whe stood on my right side, sitting down in one of the metal chairs.
  10. "I know being in the Hospital Wing isn't any fun but, I decided to bring you a gift that will surely make your day better. " She opened a cloth bag she brought and opened it carefully. Her arms became exposed and I saw the bruises on her arms that had a purple tint.Hermoine quickly covered her arms with her robe and took out a book. It was covered in dust and the cover couldn't be seen from looking at all that dust piled on the book. I blew off the dust and as a result, I sneezed. I had been given the book Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. I immediately hugged Hermoine even though it made my body ache all over. Les Miserables is a wonderful book but it's rather lengthy and quite depressing. We broke from our hug.
  11. "I love the book Heromoine. It made my day. " I turned to Ron who as usual had food shoved in his mouth and a metal tin on his lap with a bow on top. He said nothing and gave me the tin. I opened it to find nothing inside. I wasn't disappointed, the book was all I needed.
  12. "Mum, Dad and Ginny heard about the accident. They sent you a present, it was a tin of candy and popcorn. I was on my way to give it to you but I go hungry on the way here." He scratched his head and turned a shade of scarlet.
  13. "Aww, Ron's blushing. Quick Freddie, get the camera so we can get a picture."
  14. "Already ahead of you George." We heard the voices of the twins in the hallway. After that, I heard a clicking noise. The sound a camera makes whenever a picture is taken.
  15. "Fred! George!" Ron screamed at the twins and sprinted toward them. Hermoine followed Ron to make sure he didn't cause anymore trouble. It was just me and Harry now.
  16. "What's wrong?" He had been silent this whole time. He looked as if something had slapped him across the face. He was clutching an envelope in his hands.
  17. "I went to check if you had received any mail in the Owlry. You have, and..." He stopped his sentence.
  18. "What is it? You need to tell me." He handed me the letter. His face turned pale and so did mine after I read who had sent it.
  19. "The letter is from your parents."

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