The Girl Who Lived part 5

Hey guys, writing pretty early in the morning. I just couldn't not write. So, here it is. Hope you like my writing still.I plan for things to happen more at year 4.

The plot is a little slow but, I want the characters to interact before the plot really begins to take action. So excited, I won't be a Junior on this anymore. Plus, it's not like I've been posting stupid quizzes just to level up.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1.   The train arrived much later. The twins led me onto the train leading me to where they were going to sit.
  2. "Hey, you can't hog Scarlet. It's my turn." complained Ron who seemed to be following us.
  3. "Dear brother, we received her for our birthday, it's only fair that we have more time with her." Stated the twins.
  4. "You're birthday's aren't until next year. You've already spent enough time with her. I'll do your chores for a week." The twins considered this for a few moments.
  5. "No deal. Scarlet here is definitely worth more than a weeks worth of chores." Stated the twins directly. They pushed me forward to the back of the train where there were plenty of empty compartments.
  6. "How about I do both of your chores for a month and do you two favors in the future but only if I get to sit with Scarlet the entire trip to Hogwarts and if I get one whole day to hang out with her without you two interfering." The twins thought very hard about this.
  7. "Deal. Looks like we have to part with our dear Scarlet. You had better follow up on your deal or else I would be careful. People don"˜t call us pranksters for nothing." They squished me into a bear hug as if they wouldn't see me for another year or so. The twins left without a goodbye and found a compartment in the back of the train. I followed Ron and the boy we had met before into another compartment more towards the middle of the train. Once we sat down, Ron immediately pulled a sack out of his bag and began shoving as much food in his mouth that his mouth could hold.
  8. "I don't believe I caught your name. What was it?"
  9. "I'm Harry, Harry Potter."
  10. "Mphmmmmph........." Ron was trying to speak but didn't have much luck getting the words out considering his mouth was full of food. I rolled my eyes. His face was smothered in sugar, chocolate, and almost anything that could give you type two diabetes.
  11. "I'm Scarlet. This slob is Ron Weasley. What this slob is probably trying to say is that we've heard of you before. You're the boy who lived. It's amazing actually."
  12. "I'm really not that amazing. I don't even know how I survived when my parents didn't. They were killed when he attacked. It's kind of a touchy subject. Do you mind if we change the subject. When you introduced yourself, you only said that your name was Scarlet. I'm probably simply assuming this but, are you Ron's sister? You look so much alike."
  13. "Well-" I was cut off by the opening of the compartment door. In stepped a girl with the bushiest brown hair I have ever seen. Apparently she was looking for a frog that escaped from a student our age named Neville. It's a nice name. It's different, its not common, but it isn't one of those names that people would ever hear. We introduced ourselves. Well, Harry and I did. Ron's mouth was still stuffed full of diabetes causing foods so I had to translate. I found that the intelligent muggles name was Hermoine Granger. Upon our arrival at Hogwarts, we headed towards the dining hall to be sorted into houses. My name was called and I stepped up to have Dumbledore place the sorting hat on my head. I could hear it's thoughts.
  14. "You are just like you're mother. She was a Gryffindoor. On the other hand, your father was simply the opposite. You have the bravery of a Hufflepuff and the courage of a Ravenclaw. This is one of the trickiest sorting. I have ever decided. Since you desire to be in Gryffindoor, that's the house you'll be in." It's thoughts stopped and it yelled to the crowd. "Gryffindoor." I headed to the Gryffindoor common room not caring what house everyone else got into. I wasn't looking and I bumped into someone while walking up the stairs. In surprise, my hair and eye color changed back to normal.
  15. "Woah, you're a shape shifter? That's really cool. Aren't they rare? I'm not implying that you're a thing or anything, I'm just saying that-" He was a bit chubby, brown hair and gentle brown eyes. He held books in one hand and a frog in another. I simply assumed who he was.
  16. "It's cool, it isn't that big of a deal. I get that a lot. Are you Neville?" He began to turn pink. "It's not like I'm a stalker or anything, I simply guessed since I met Hermoine Granger whom on the train was assisting you in finding your frog." His faced was flushed. Guessing he was a little embarrassed. I waved and headed toward my assigned room. It was pretty small. I'm guessing it was only meant for one person. I personally was perfectly fine with it. It was a bit bigger than my room under the staircase in Malfoy Manor. I prepared for bed and simply laid on the mattress. I laid awake all night thinking about what the sorting hat had said. It's bothering me. What does it mean?

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