I'll Die in Your Love Part One

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So right now I will explain the story. Jessica is the type of girl who wants herself a hot guy and to be popular. She falls in love with an amazing guy named Logan Walker. Another shy girl who has 19 sisters and used to live in an adoption center named Hannah Roberson also falls in love with Logan causing these 2 girls to butt heads. If you know what I mean.

Personalities. Logan Walker- He is a hot guy who isn't really the manliest. He likes to wear make up and is afraid of one thing. Hannah Roberson- Sweet, shy girl with 19 sisters and lived in an adoption center. She is originally from Tennessee. Jessica- A snobbish girl who wants to be popular. She is from California. Alexis Loukota- A happy girl with strong desires to become famous Megan Flanegan- Your average girl who goes with the flow Hannah Brugleo- Best friends with Hannah Roberson and is the complete opposite of Hannah Roberson.

Created by: Anastasia

  1. Imagine a cute couple. One perfect guy named Ryan and one beautiful girl named Jessica Martinez. Yeah.. That fairy tale is over. I broke up with "Mr. Perfect" because he crashed my beautiful camero texting his other girlfriend. The next day I was out jogging with my mom, listening to my iPod. I looked down to change songs when I ran smack into a really hot guy.He had chocolate colored hair and eyes. I eyed my mom and she took the hint. She jogged off to leave me and the hottie alone. "Uhm.... Hey.." I trailed mentally thinking of what to say. "Hey, it's totally fine you ran into me. By the way. I am Logan." he said.
  2. Crap! I didn't apologize! And afterwards, I just stood there like an idiot! Logan wrote down his number and gave it to me. I did the same and wrote down my name. "Thanks Jessica. I'll text you my address and we can meet." Logan proposed. "Sure thing!" I said enthusiastically. I little to enthusiastically. I sounded like those idiot peps who walk around with skirts that hardly cover up their butts. I jogged home to tell my mom all about Logan.
  3. The next day I went Logan's house. I rang the doorbell and Logan answered holding a cute little baby girl. The girl gave me a nasty look and tossed her rattle at my head. "No Cameron. We do not throw items at the pretty girl! Sorry she doesn't do that often. I don't know what got into her." Logan apologized. I smiled awkwardly. "It's ok. but is she uhm.. Yours?" I asked. Logan smiled lovingly at (eww) Cameron. "Yeah. I uhm.. Accidentally had her with my ex." Logan said quietly. My smile dropped. Suddenly all feelings for this guy had gone away. But I knew he would make me look popular so I decided to stay and flirt and try to make him mine.
  4. . "Why don't you come in?" Logan closed the door after I stepped in. The house was all darkly lit and it seemed like there was no body else there. "Where are your parents?" I asked while looking at the random decorations. "My mom is on a business trip and my parents divorced, apparently." Logan gave Cameron a bottle of milk. I rolled my eyes hoping he really wanted me to feel bad for him just because his parents were history. We stood in an awkward silence waiting for either of us to say something. "Wanna see my room?" Logan asked. "Whatever.. I mean of course!" I lied. I couldn't care les if his room was in the savannas.
  5. Logan's room was darkly lit. Few candles were placed on his dresser and shelf. "So this is my room. It has a refrigerator, a heater, and an A.C" Logan said. Everything about his room fascinated me. I smiled and he smiled back at me causing me to shiver. Remember, I am only doing this to get popular, I thought to my self. My mom texted me for dinner. "I have to go. My mom has dinner ready for me." I said. "Bye I guess." Logan said. He hesitated and softly kissed my cheek. I could have sworn, as soon as his lips made contact with my skin, sparks flew. I walked out of his house happy and faint. He kissed my cheek. Did that mean something? Or is that something he normally does? Wait! I am only doing this to become popular. All those thoughts pounded my head as I walked home.
  6. . ****Hannah R's POV**** That new kid Logan was amazing. But my friend Jessica already has her eye on him already so I am just going to try to keep my thoughts to myself. I walked a block more until I realized that I was on Logan's street. "Remember Hannah, Jessica already likes him. Stay away." I said to myself. But somehow my brain made me come up to his door and frantically knocking. I ran my fingers through my hair like a comb to fix it. Logan answered the door and stared longingly at me. "Uhmm.. Oh! Can I help you?" He asked me. "Yeah.. I was taking a walk because I broke up with my boyfriend and I wanted to think and on the way, I got lost." I half lied. I did break up with my boyfriend like a month ago and I knew exactly where I was and how to get home. "Oh sure.. Just asking.. Will you be in the 10th grade at Westwood High?" Logan asked. "Yeah.. Are you?" I replied. Logan smiled and nodded. He lead me inside. I walked in to find a little baby girl crawling on the floor. "Aww! Who is this little cutie! She looks just like you!" I said. Logan smiled. "Yeah that's my daughter Cameron. I accidentally had her with my ex." Logan replied.
  7. Suddenly my good ole friend Jessica steps in. "Who's she?" Jessica scoffed.
  8. So that is it for now. Please comment and rate and tell me what you think about this. Pretty please?
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  10. Bye everyone!

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