The DownFall: Part Four

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Hey guys! Sorry I took so long, I wasn't feeling too great. I had this throbbing headache that wouldn't go away, and accidentally fell asleep before publishing the quiz. Once I reread it, I not alot of typos.

So, guys, ( girls) I have this great idea for my next series. It's going to be about a girl who's allergic to water, and isn't aloud outside her house. One night, she sneaks out, and falls in love, causing alot of drama in the end.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. So, before I start this part of the story, I've decided to let you all know that I'll be making ANOTHER series soon! I know, I already have two, but I keep getting these amazing ideas for stories.
  2. Now, on to the story.
  3. ***Recap*** "We better get you to the others." he sighed, wiping away my tears. I gave a nod as we walked into the room, the others staring at us worriedly. " Were you two.. Crying?" Adam asked, Jax kicking him in the shin. " Adam! Shut up." Jax huffed, urging me to sit beside him. Reluctantly walking away from Rave, I took a seat beside him.
  4. "Ash. We want to do our best to help you out, and that means we all need to get to know you better. Tell us about yourself. Like, tell us what you like to do, your favorite color, stuff like that." Jax insisted, giving me a smile that could light up the world. " Oh... Okay. Um. I don't really have any hobbies, other than drawing, but I used to be in a small band before life got crazy. Uhm. My favorite color is black, my favorite number is three, and my favorite letter is S." I mumbled, looking away awkwardly as they all stared at me excitedly. " You were in a band? That's so cool!" Liam gasped in awe, a small giggle escaping my throat that caused everyone to stare even more. "Uh. Yeah, it was pretty fun." I shrugged, leaning my body against the back of the couch.
  5. "You don't have to be all awkward, you know. Just express yourself to us like you would to your best gal pal." Adam suggested. "Gal pal?" I asked, a little confused by what he was trying to say. "Yeah. You know... A friend? That's a girl?" he mumbled, causing a stir of laughter as he realized how weird it sounded. "Honestly, I've never had a friend of the same gender. I've just never got along with other girls." I shrugged, forcing a tight smile. "What!? How does that even work? I mean, what? You only hang with guys?" he asked, suddenly in shock. "Yep. Basically. It's not easy to find any girls who like what I like. Even if they did, they were always disgusted by a bad habit I used to have." I laughed, feeling an awkward silence rise up.
  6. Jason gave a small cough, before looking up at me with his honey yellow eyes. "If you don't mind me asking, love, what was this old habit?" he asked with a thick British 'accent' that warmed my heart. "I used to be a cutter. But I haven't done it in a couple of years." I assured them, Devin's brows knitting together closely as he began to frown. " Why? Wouldn't a lovely girl, such as yourself not have any reason to do such a thing?" he asked, brushing a strand of strawberry blonde hair away from his face with a grimace." Do I have to spell it out to you guys? When I was in middle school, I'd been miss popularity. No matter what I did or thought, people loved me. My mom was a very famous makeup artist, so everyone basically used me. Once she died, I lost most of my friends and cut off any relationships I'd had. I started cutting, and then stopped to prove I could change. " I sighed, watching their expressions change repeatedly.
  7. " I'm sorry, Ash. We all are. " Callisto whispered, placing a hand on my shoulder to keep me calm. Callisto. He and Rave were the only ones I trusted right now. I'm sure they were all decent boys, but Callisto and Rave understood me the best. Thoughts began to flood my mind as I felt the urge to just give up. I'd only end up hurting them, so why even bother staying here? "Don't be. I deserved it. I'm an awful person who deserves much worse. Don't worry about it." I sniffed, giving them a quick glance before jumping up to my feet . "Ash. You're getting on my nerves with that. Shut up for two seconds and quit throwing yourself a pity party." Cain hissed, my body freezing as his voice penetrated my body. "I.. I.. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." I sobbed, sliding down to my knees with a cry that burned my throat.
  8. A hand gently slid down my face, wiping the hot tears away. "I didn't mean to upset you, Ash. I've just been going through some things and it upsets me to see you cry when you still have so much." Cain sighed, pulling me up to my feet with a small smile that made my heart skip a beat. " I'm sorry. I really am. I can't help it, you all wouldn't understand." I sobbed, burying my face into his shoulder with a sniffle. "Ash. Please just tell us. Tell us everything. Every detail.," Jax insisted, although he already knew most of the story. I gave a simple nod, taking a seat inbetween him and Adam before starting.
  9. " Well, it all started in middle school. I was miss popularity, like I told you, and was everybody's bestie, even if I secretly disliked them. I'd had multiple guys ask me out, but I'd refused for the fun of it. My mom died of cancer right before eighth grade, and it crushed me. I lost every bit of popularity and went through an emo phase, until I met my crazy Ex, Cash. Cash had lost his parents, and was upset, like me. Maybe a month after meeting him, I started to date him. He was nice back then, always caring and considerate. I'd started going through my cutting phase again, and it crushed him to see me that way. He began to hit me, always tearing me down and destroying what little self-respect I had left. He'd taken me out of highschool, and asked me to marry him once we were old enough. I'd said I didn't know yet, and It upset him. He let me meet his brother, Nick..." I sighed, giving a sniff.
  10. I gave a small pause before gaining the courage to continue on. "Nick... He was so different from Cash. While Cash was broken and always hurting me, Nick was so much nicer. Everytime Cash would hit me, Nick would be there to wipe away the blood and tears off of me. I'd made the mistake of admitting my love for him. He felt the same. When Cash found out, he began to hit me, and once he'd finished, he took Nick outback. He... He killed him. He'd left me, coming back yesterday to kill me." I explained through sobs, their faces full of compassion as they tried to calm me down. "Ash. I'm so sorry. We all are." Liam whispered, leaning in and giving me a tight embrace that warmed me up.
  11. "I'm sorry. I'm going to just... I'm going to just take a nap or something. I'm exhausted." I yawned, stopping myself from going crazy. " Here, I'll take you upstairs." Rave offered, looping his arm into mine with a smile. "Thanks." I croaked, stumbling after him as we went upstairs.
  12. He gently pulled me inside a small room, the room of my dreams facing me. I gave a small gasp as I examined the room closely, the walls a dark shade of army green that accented the dark oak floors perfectly. The window was delicately propped open by a stack of fantasy books, one In particular catching my eye. I gracefully glided over to it, caressing the book in my hands as I thumbed through it with a sigh. Nick used to love this book, I thought to myself. I gently laid it back down, studying the large bed in the middle of the room that seemed made specifically for this room. It had a small canopy that covered the top of the bed perfectly, making me feel like a queen. "Rave." I whispered, falling back onto the bed with a yawn. " This room is amazing."
  13. "I know. It's so enchanting, like you." he whispered. Gazing at me lovingly as I squirmed awkwardly. " Excuse me?" I asked, arching a brow curiously. "S.. Sorry. That was a weird thing to say. Forgive me." he chuckled softly, taking a seat on the corner of the mattress, trying his best not to look over at me. "Hey, it's no problem. You aren't both me. " I assured him, flashing him a toothy grin that made him blush furiously. "Ash. Please promise me you will take care of yourself. I like you alot and I'd hate for you to get hurt. So please promise me.," he pled, staring deeply into my eyes with so much love it terrified me, but somehow, made me excited. "I promise, Rave. I promise I'll take better care of myself. I'll try my best not to lose it. I'll do it for you." I said breathly, my heart racing as he scooted closer with a smile."Ash, I... " he started, his voice cut off by a knock on the door downstairs. "Rave! Come quick!" Jax yelled, cutting Rave off.
  14. Rave gave an apologetic look as he stood up, helping me to my feet so I could follow after him. We quickly sped downstairs, the front door halfway open, Jax and Adam in front of it. "What's going on?" Rave asked, pulling me closer to him so that our arms brushed against each other. "This guy. He's hurt." Jax said, motioning to a tall teen who was leaning against the panel of the house, gasping in pain. Rave quickly released my wrist, walking over to the guy and wrapping an arm under his armpit to lead him inside. He carefully led him to the couch, insisting I go wet a wash cloth. Speeding to the kitchen, I wet a white cloth, running back to the guy, gently lifting his hat off to wash the blood from his face.
  15. "Ash?!" he gasped, panting heavily as he pulled me into a hug. My body froze as tears rolled down my cheeks. His hug brought back all of the memories that haunted me for years. I thought I'd lost him, but here he was, in my arms. "Nick!?" I cried, the boys staring in shock as I stayed there crying in his arms.
  16. He held me there, his warm breath warming my face as I hugged him like there was no tomorrow. "Nick, I.. You're alive." I whispered, unable to raise my voice any higher. "I... I thought you died, Ash! Cash... He said he killed you. I missed you so much." he gaped, still in just as much shock as I was. " I missed you too, Nick." I croaked, giving him a smile that lit up his face. I gently pulled out of his embrace, turning to face the others. "Guys, I owe you my life right now. " I whispered, pulling them all into a hug.
  17. ***CLIFFHANGER ***sorry!

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