Paranormal Love (part 28)

Hi guys, welcome to part 28 of my Paranormal Love series. I'm SOOOO sorry this took forever, and it did for a number of reasons. My life has been insanely busy lately and I've had to do several big projects for school at once while keeping up with my daily crapload of homework. I've been pretty stressed out lately and I wasn't feeling very inspired. I got a writer's block... but at least I figured out the story now. This weekend looks like it's going to be pretty busy. I'm taking this creative writing class that requires a lot of hard work. I have to finish an 8 page story by Monday... plus I have a lot of other stuff to do in my other classes. I expect to get part 29 out this week, ok?

Recap: (I'd actually reccomend taking part 27 again) Your memory erasing potion wears off and Jace agrees to take you back to the guys whom you discover were in Jace's dungeon. Jace says goodbye to you and gives you the key. You get them out and go back to the mansion. You tell them what happened with Jace and they are about to tell you what happened with them.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. "I got your telepathic message on the night you were kidnapped, but by the time I got to your room, you were gone." Bryan says. "I saw the car that took you dissapear into thin air, so I knew some sort of magic was involved." Nick continued the story. "We figured you were probably going to Slate's castle, so when it was night, we went there." "When we got to the castle, the gaurds were being such dick biscuits!" Ethan says. You laugh a little. "So what did you guys do?" you ask. "Chris killed them with his freaky death stare." Ethan says as if that was a normal thing. "Death stare?" you ask. "Yeah." Chris replies. "If somebody pisses me off enough, my eyes will turn black and if I stare at that person, they will die." Chris explains. "Remind me to never piss you off." you say. Chris laughs. "Don't worry, I'd look in the mirror and give myself a death stare before I'd even think about using it on you." he says. You smile. "Shouldn't Allissa have that power though?" you ask. "That's what I was thinking!" Allissa says. "Just be glad she doesn't!" Chris jokes. Allissa laughs and sticks her tounge out at Chris. "Well, anywho, wanna know what happened next?" Allissa asks. You nod. "So we go into Slate's office, and we see Heidi. HEIDI! Who would have guessed that she worked for Slate?!" Allissa says. "I know, right? I definately didn't see that coming." you say. "She was being a little beyotch and not telling us where you were, so we ended up fighting." Allissa says. "She must be a pretty good fighter then..." you say. "Oh, no. This wasn't a fair fight." Anthony says. "Out of nowhere came like 30 supernatural beings that looked like they wanted to kill us. Heidi didn't even fight. She just stood there." Everybody describes their point of veiw in the battle, with all the wonderful, gory details. It's actually pretty interesting to hear about each person's battle techniques, because they were all different.
  2. "So after we kicked some mega butt, Heidi ended up throwing this pixie dust or whatever on us and it knocked us out." Ethan says. "It was actually kinda pretty, but yeah, that sucked." Allissa says. "Then we spent a week in that nightmarish dungeon." Bryan says. "Ugh. I don't even wanna think about that!" Nick says. You guys end up changing the subject and having one of those really funny and random chats.
  3. This makes you think of when you first came to the mansion and found out that everyone had powers. It seems like that was an eternity ago, but now that you are living like this, you can't imagine living any other way. This life was so much better than your old life. School was boring, and the only family you had was your aunt Carmen. "Aunt Carmen..." you think. "I wonder what's going on with her? Is she worried about me? I didn't end up on the news for being 'missing' or anything... I wonder why." Bryan's voice interupts your thoughts "____, Hellooo???" he says waving his hands in front of your face. You blink. "Oh, sorry guys. I was just spacing out." you say. "What were you thinking about?" Bryan asks. "It's kind of ironic that you ask that, because you could easily figure that out, Bryan." you say. "Psh. I don't even need to read your mind to know that you're thinking about me!" Bryan says and winks. You smile and lightly punch his arm. "Yeah right." you say rolling your eyes.
  4. "Well anyway, I was just thinking about my Aunt Carmen. She didn't even call or anything. I've been gone for a long time, she should know by now that I'm not there anymore." you say. Everyone looks a little guilty. Anthony was the first to speak up. "Umm... well actually she doesn't know you're gone." he says. "What do you mean?" you ask. "Slate isn't the only one who has access to memory erasing potion." Ethan says. "You guys used that on Aunt Carmen?" you ask. "Uh... yeah." Nick says. "So will her memory of me ever come back?" you ask. "Not likely. She's a human, the potion is really effective on them." Chris says. "Sorry, _____. We had to do it." Allissa says. "No, it's okay." you say. "You guys are way awesomer anyway." Everyone smiles. "Awesomer is not a word, ____." Nick says smirking. You laugh. "Whatever, Nick." you say sticking out your tounge.
  5. ***TIME FORWARD*** It's midnight now and everyone went to bed. What do you fall asleep thinking about?
  6. ***Jace's P.O.V.*** There's no way I'm going to sleep now. I can't get my mind off ____ no matter what I do. I have so many other things on my mind too. What did ____ tell the guys? Do they still hate me? Do I still hate them? Am I really going to give up my mission? Will I ever see ____ again? That last question brought a flood of memories to my mind. I seriously think my week with ____ was the high point in my life. The thought of never seeing her again made my heart ache. No. I can't let this happen. I love ____. And she DID say that she didn't want to lose contact with me. I don't exactly know what that means, but at least she doesn't hate me. Does she like me as a friend? Or more? No, if she was in love with me, she would have wanted to stay with me. *sigh* I'm stupid for even thinking that. No one will ever love a demon like me.
  7. ***Your P.O.V.*** You don't have any dreams and are woken up by a ray of sunlight hitting your eyes. You open your eyes and stretch. Your room is filled with sunlight, and it looks like it's going to be a nice day. You get out of bed, wash your face, brush your teeth, etc. You get dressed in a tank top and a pair of ripped jean shorts. You have no idea what you're going to do today, but you felt like being outside, so you went out to the backyard and layed in the grass listening to your i-pod. You enjoy the fresh air and watching the fluffy, cotton candy like clouds roll by. They look really pretty in contrast to the bright electric blue sky. Your cares seem to vanish as you get lost in the music and you feel like you could stay like this forever. About 45 minutes later, you feel someone approach you.
  8. You sit up and see that it's Bryan. The sunlight seems to bring out the blonde highlights in his hair and make his brown eyes sparkle. You smile. "Hey Bryan, what's up?" you say. "Not much. I just wanted to see you." Bryan says. "Aw, well that's sweet." you say. Bryan smiles and sits down in the grass next to you. Bryan notices you listening to your i-pod. "So what are you listening to?" Bryan asks. You say:
  9. "Cool. You might not know that, but that's one of my favorite songs." Bryan says. "Really?" you ask. Bryan nods. You take out one earbud. "Want to listen to it with me?" you ask. "Sure." Bryan says taking the earbud. You both lie down in the grass again and listen to a few songs. Pretty soon, you both get lost in the music. You guys don't even need to talk, you're happy to just have Bryan next to you. At some point in time, Bryan takes your hand. His hands are warm, but not too warm. You smile to yourself. Bryan couldn't see you smiling, but he still knew you were, which made him smile too.
  10. After a while, your i-pod ends up dying. "Aw, crap." you say. You and Bryan take the earbuds out and you put your i-pod in your pocket. "I'll charge that later. Sorry about that." you say. "It's fine." Bryan says. You both sit up. You look at Bryan. The corner of his mouth is slightly turned upward and he has that look in his eyes- his thinking look. "What?" you ask, wondering what he's thinking about. Bryan then gives you a huge grin. You don't know if this is good or bad...
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!! If you wanna know what took me so dang long, then read the first paragraph, k? I'm really sorry this part was short and it took forever. Please forgive me! D: And do tell me, who do you like?

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